Discover the delights of Polynesian cuisine: What do we eat in Polynesia?

Discover the delights of Polynesian cuisine: What do we eat in Polynesia?

Polynesia is paradise on earth. A land rich in culinary discoveries, a land that would be impossible to exhaust for a lover of Polynesian gastronomy born of Maori and Tahitian cultures. Polynesian cuisine is full of various fruits and shellfish, wild meats, and of course seafood dishes. Polynesian cuisine is rich, varied and very festive. A variety of vegetables, fresh products, exotic dishes with a unique taste, and flavors that will delight the most sensitive taste buds.

The fresh products

One of the culinary specificities of Polynesia is the use of fresh products for the preparation of dishes. There are fresh vegetables such as salads, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more. Seafood is also very present in Polynesian cuisine, such as fish, shellfish, sea urchins, crustaceans such as ciricuits, crabs and shrimps. As seafood is very abundant in the region, Polynesians consume it extensively.

exotic fruits

Exotic fruits are also very popular in Polynesia. Mango trees are common, while bananas, pineapples, oranges, and other citrus fruits are common. Papayas, avocados, guavas and mangosteens are also common, and are sometimes even cooked and offered for the evening meal. Seafood and shellfish are sometimes grilled and served with herbs and spices to sweeten their flavor or to serve them with a different sauce.

maori cooking

Maori cuisine is rich and varied, and it is considered to be one of the main sources of Polynesian gastronomy. Sea and land products are commonly used in cooking. Pheasant hen (kamo kamo) has long been considered the national Maori dish and is often served on special occasions. It is usually served with fresh vegetables and seafood. Fish eggs are also very popular, and can be served with rice or vegetables.

tahitian cuisine

Tahitian cuisine is renowned for its Creole dishes. The pitaya, a variety of exotic fruit, is the Tahitian national fruit and is often served with shellfish or grilled fish. Raw fish is also very popular and often finds its way onto menus across the country. Ceviche, a very fragrant dish, is also widely consumed in Polynesia. Finally, the mahi-mahi, a fish found in the warm waters of Polynesia, is served grilled or marinated, and accompanied by fresh vegetables and fruits.

Local drinks

Polynesians are very attached to their local drinks. Mono’i (or Monoi de Tahiti) is a typical drink from Polynesia. It is a very floral fragrance, made with flowers and fresh fruits macerated in coconut juice. To accompany all these dishes, Polynesians also have a favorite alcoholic drink, kava. This anise liqueur is distilled from a root found only in Polynesia. It is often drunk during important ceremonies.

Polynesia is home to many restaurants where you can discover Polynesian cuisine in all its forms. One can find dishes such as marinated raw fish (Lokota), fish eggs, coconut pies and many more. Around the hotels, you can also find buffets where the chefs cook traditional dishes in front of you, to offer you a truly unique experience. To enjoy Polynesian gastronomy even more, it is advisable to go to traditional restaurants to taste the typical dishes and typical recipes of the islands.

Polynesian cuisine is rich and varied. If you travel to Polynesia, you will be amazed by its delicacies. Thanks to AMU-I Tahiti, you can discover the authentic flavors of Polynesia. Whether it’s fish, meat, seafood or vegetables and herbs, you’ll find everything you need to delight your taste buds. Traditional Polynesian dishes are tasty and sunny, all accompanied by sauces and marinades that will enhance the taste of the dishes. You will be able to taste freshly caught fish and seafood, and typical dishes such as “raw fish” and “mahi mahi”. Discover the delights of Polynesian cuisine and discover local dishes.

creative kitchen

With the arrival of new chefs and Creole influences from different cultures, Polynesian cuisine has taken a new direction. It is with this in mind that emerging restaurants such as Chez Martin in Bora Bora, L’étuve in Tahiti and Le Siam in Tahaa offer modern dishes and dishes but always with a Polynesian touch. Culinary fusions so appreciated of course, with regional and authentic products. You can also enjoy the famous Thai Chicken from La Grotte in Moorea or the Tuna Gravlax from Les Roulottes in Tahiti.

A kitchen to discover

On each Polynesian island, cuisines and flavors mix to offer a unique and unforgettable culinary experience. Polynesia is full of fresh and tasty products, from Maori cuisine to modern fusions that have allowed Polynesian gastronomy to grow. Whether you are looking for exotic dishes or local dishes, Polynesian cuisine offers lovers of gastronomy a huge variety of dishes to taste and savor.