Traveling to Tahiti: What are the secrets to taking advantage of the best prices?

Voyager à Tahiti : Quels sont les secrets pour profiter des meilleurs prix ?

If you have ever dreamed of relaxing in the middle of white sands in the shade of palm trees, French Polynesia is undoubtedly a destination that tickles your mind. But, if the trip to Tahiti is often synonymous with exorbitant cost, we have a few little secrets that will help you to profit from of the tips for an affordable stay on these paradise islands. So, shall we pack our bags?

The choice of month of your trip to Tahiti is crucial to take advantage of the best rates. Avoid high season as much as possible, which runs from July at the end of August, respectively the most expensive month in terms of accommodation.

Traveling to Tahiti: What are the secrets to taking advantage of the best prices?

Hello to all globetrotters and savings adventurers! Today we are going to embark towards the unforgettable Tahiti. But who says trip to paradise does not necessarily mean emptying his wallet. So, what are the little tricks to take advantage of the best prices? Sit comfortably, because here come the tips unearthed just for you.

The choice of flight: The trick that will make you take off!

When it comes to traveling to Tahiti at a lower cost, the choice of airline is essential. A tip? Opt for companies like Air Tahiti Nui Or Air France, which regularly offer interesting offers on flights to Tahiti. And don’t forget to book in low season, preferably several months in advance, remembering to put into practice the secrets to saving money during your stay in Tahiti.

Affordable accommodation: how to sleep without breaking the bank?

Contrary to popular belief, Tahiti is not only synonymous with luxurious resorts at exorbitant prices. Local accommodation, such as guesthouses, boarding houses or even private residences, offers a much more economical and equally charming solution. imagine Airbnb in Polynesian style!

Barter with his smile

Saving money also means knowing local habits. In Tahiti, barter is commonplace. You can exchange goods as well as services, a practice that can save you a bundle during your stay! So, prepare your best smile and don’t be afraid to connect with the locals.

Ended ! All that remains is to apply these tips on your next trip to Tahiti. Good savings and above all, have a good trip!

Business is pleasure, isn’t it?

Book in advance

The more foresight you have, the better! The purchase of plane tickets is often done at moreseveral months in advance makes it possible to obtain the best prices.

Be flexible with your dates

Also, do not hesitate to play with the dates of your stay. Sometimes, shifting one’s trip by moreseveral days can result in considerable savings.

The choice of accommodation for a stay in Tahiti at a lower cost

While French Polynesia’s famous over-water bungalows have given it an image of a luxury destination, there are still some good options. more affordable.

Guesthouses to immerse yourself in Polynesian culture

Giving priority to boarding houses is undoubtedly one of the tips THE more clever for your stay in Tahiti. They offer the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, on a budget more moderate than luxury hotels.

Rental of houses or apartments

Renting an entire home through rental platforms such as Airbnb is more in more popular with travellers.

Good to know to make the most of your stay

With regard to activities too, some tips can save you a lot of costs, especially with regard to transport.

Vehicle rental

A very convenient option for enjoy of all the wonders of Tahiti. Prices vary depending on the service providers, but also on the duration of the rental.

Take the local bus

An alternative to taxi costs. The bus network is well developed and serves all tourist areas.

Organized excursions

Another tip for saving would be to favor excursion packages that combine several activities and trips in one day.


  • When is the best time to visit Tahiti? In terms of prices, the most advantageous months are the low season months, ie from November to mid-April. They also coincide with a period of monsoons, but the showers are often short-lived.

  • What is the average cost of a flight to Tahiti? The average cost of a return plane ticket to Tahiti is quite variable depending on the period and the company, it is necessary to count between 1000 and 2000 Euros in general.

  • Is it possible to visit several islands during your stay? It is quite possible and even recommended, several companies like Air Tahiti offer inter-island passes at attractive rates.

To conclude, a trip to Tahiti can be within reach of all budgets, you just need to know the tips, and to organize its stay. So, ready to take the plunge and enjoy the Polynesian paradise at low prices? See you soon under the coconut trees!