What are the hidden charms of Tahiti beach in Corsica?

Quels sont les charmes cachés de la plage de Tahiti en Corse ?

Houla la la, welcome to our beautiful Island of Beauty! Put down your suitcases, unpack your bathing suit and let’s discover one of the hidden gems of the Corsica : there beach from Tahiti! And make no mistake about it, we are staying in France. So what are these hidden charms that make this beach so unique and Magnificent?

What are the hidden charms of Tahiti beach in Corsica?

Hello readers in love with the big blue! Today, I’m taking you on a trip, and not just anywhere! We set off to discover a real jewel of the island of beauty: the beach of Tahiti in Corsica. A true preserved paradise, this beach has so much to offer. So come on board with me, without further ado, to discover the hidden charms of the Tahiti beach!

A preserved natural setting

Perched on the southern tip of Corsica, Tahiti beach is a haven of unspoiled nature. With its expanses of fine sand and crystal clear water, it offers a complete change of scenery. But that’s not all! Looking up, you will discover a wind-sculpted pine forest, home to a whole host of animal and plant species. A real delight for the senses!

A place steeped in history

Not only is the beach in Tahiti blessed by the gods of natural beauty, but its richness does not stop there. It is, indeed, a place steeped in history. Proof of this is that it was once a filming location for the famous film “The most beautiful unknown treasures of the beach of Tahiti in Corsica” in the early 1960s.

A captivating atmosphere

But beyond the natural and historical beauty, it is the atmosphere of the Tahiti beach that most charms visitors. Between the beach tents Paillote Chez Francis with refreshing cocktails and the soft sound of the waves caressing the sand, the atmosphere is bewitching.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and explore the hidden charms of Tahiti beach at the southern tip of Corsica. One thing is certain, you will not be disappointed!

A beach with multiple beaches

Wherever you lay your towel on the beach of Tahiti, you will always have a vision Magnificent before your eyes. However, the real beauty of this beach lies in its diversity. You will find small quiet corners to relax in the sun, but also lively areas for those looking for more activities.

A nature in its raw state

Located at the foot of tall mountains and surrounded by dense forest, the beach of Tahiti offers landscapes breathtaking. In addition to the turquoise sea, you will be surrounded by nature that exudes tranquility and authenticity.

A legendary beach

There beach de Tahiti is also a mythical beach, made famous by the film “Le jour le more long”. It is therefore a real charm added to this place already so Magnificent to be able to bask in this place steeped in history.


When is the best time to visit Tahiti beach in Corsica?

The best time to visit the beach de Tahiti is during the summer, between June and September. However, spring and autumn can also be interesting seasons to enjoy the Corsica without the summer crowds.

What to do at Tahiti beach?

In addition to relaxing on the fine sand, you can swim in the coves with crystal clear waters, go diving to discover the marine fauna and flora, but also go hiking in the surrounding mountains.

In sum, the beach from Tahiti to Corsica is a place Magnificent with many facets that will surely appeal to all travelers in search of authenticity and escape. So don’t wait more, come and discover the unique charm of this beach !