2024 Olympic Games in Tahiti: The surfing event on the Teahupoo wave


In the heart of a natural paradise, a striking spectacle awaits those in the know. Facing the majestic Tahiti peninsula, the famous Teahupoo wave unfolds, rolling out her perfect tube. In 2024, this captivating place will be the scene of spectacular jousts, when the world’s best surfers will come together for the Olympic Games.

When will the 2024 Olympic surfing event take place in Tahiti?

The organizing committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games unveiled the program of 329 events organized between July 24 and August 11 in Paris and its region but also in Tahiti for the surfing event. The final stages are planned for July 30 at 7 a.m. on the legendary spot of the Presqu’île.

Why Tahiti is a land of surfing

Everyone in their area of ​​expertise knows this wave like the back of their hand, whether it’s Tim McKenna, the artist behind the lens, or Hira Terinatoofa, the wave master as a surf coach. The coach of the French team for the 2024 Olympic Games, expresses with wonder : “It’s magical, its shape, its power, its mythical beauty (…) it’s truly unique.” He is aware of the dangers lurking near the coral reef, highlighting the complexity of Teahupoo.

Surfer Tahiti

Despite the inherent risks, local surfers become familiar with Teahupoo from a young age. At only 16 years old, some of them seem to have the gift of defying the waves without ever losing their balance. Gilbert Teave Tehuritaua, one of these prodigies, declares with disconcerting serenity: “Now I’m used to it, I’m having fun.”

The most photogenic wave in the world

However, it’s not just surfers who find what they’re looking for in this aquatic paradise. Tim McKenna, a faithful lover of this wave for a quarter of a century, continues to marvel. His camera is his traveling companion, capturing thousands of images in every condition imaginable.

With palpable conviction, he asserts: “This is the most photogenic wave in existence“. Even when the waves are more timid, he braves the underwater depths to immortalize this natural jewel from a different angle.

How to go see the Teahupo’o wave?

To see the Teahupo’o wave, you will have to go to French Polynesia, on the island of Tahiti. Upon arrival at Tahiti-Faa’a International Airport, take a taxi or rent a car to Teahupo’o. The journey from the airport takes about an hour by car.

Teahupo’o is a small village, and there are a few accommodation options, including guesthouses and guesthouses. Book your accommodation in advance, as availability may be limited, especially during the Olympics.

To get to Teahupo’o Beach, you will likely have to walk or take a boat from Teahupo’o Village itself. Boats are often used by surfers to access the best surf spots.

Reaching this wonder at a distance of one kilometer from the shore requires means, and regulars opt for a very specific means of transport: a boat.

Video: Teahupo’o, when the mythical wave wakes up!

Teahupo’o is a magnificent natural site, but it is fragile. Avoid disturbing local flora and fauna, and be respectful to the residents.