What is the story behind the famous Tahiti Douche ad?

Quelle est l'histoire derrière la célèbre publicité de Tahiti Douche?

If you’ve ever smelled the smell of a shower Tahiti, then no doubt give in, like all of us, to the exoticism of its perfumes. But have you ever wondered what was the story behind this famous advertisement that instantly transports us to the tropics? Grab a towel, make yourself comfortable and get ready to dive into the refreshing world of Tahiti Shower.

The genesis of the Tahiti Douche advertising campaign

It was in the 80s that the giant Nestle decides to launch a range of shower products under the brand Tahiti. The goal ? Taking consumers around the world on a journey without leaving their bathroom. The bet is bold and requires an advertising campaign to meet these challenges.

The advertising strategy is based on a simple and attractive idea. If we cannot all afford a stay in the best hotels or the most popular resorts Dear of Oakland or Tahiti, nothing prevents us from treating ourselves to a moment of tropical luxury in the shower every morning.

Let’s dive into the advertising history of Tahiti Shower !

Hi all! Add a palm nut, a hint of exoticism and a flood of fun, and you have the iconic advertisement of Tahiti Shower ! But wait a minute, what is the story behind this famous advertisement that we all know? It is to this refreshing journey that we invite you today!

Birth of an icon

Launched in 1981, Tahiti Shower innovates from the outset with exotic fragrances and a shimmering colored bottle. The brand is committed to making us travel in the shower through scents transporting us directly to the islands. Nonetheless, his stardom wouldn’t be the same without the memorable commercials that came with it.

Cinema under the palm tree

In the course of the same year, the publicity of Tahiti Shower on the big screen intrigues and enchants. It depicts a sweet day under the tropical sun. Everything is enhanced by a bewitching musical atmosphere, the “Tamouré”. And let’s not forget the famous slogan “It’s crazy how good you feel after Tahiti”. Inspirational, isn’t it?

Here is a link to rediscover this cult advertisement.

Moss and palm trees

It is this contrast between joviality, simplicity and exoticism that has given advertising Tahiti Shower a quirky and charming side. With the addition of the palm tree as an emblem, the brand has forged an image of gentleness and mental freshness, embodying the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life.

To sum up…

The story behind the ad Tahiti Shower is that of a brand that has established itself in the advertising landscape through freshness and originality. Its tropical trip in the shower has delighted generations of consumers since the 80s. So, ready for a shower that’s out of this world?

Everything you need to know about the famous Tahiti Douche ad

Hello everyone, my dear readers! Today, we’re going to dive into a fascinating brand story that you’ve probably come across in your bathroom: Tahiti Shower. But wait, before you continue, take a minute to ask yourself: “What is the story behind the famous Tahiti Douche ad?”. Plot? So let’s go, and take a look behind the scenes of this cult ad by clicking here: An Exclusive Look at the Captivating Story of Tahiti Douche’s Advertising.

A French success

shower gel brand Tahiti Shower, born in the 1980s, quickly became an undisputed star in our bathrooms thanks to its playful, colorful advertisements which brilliantly evoke the exoticism of Tahiti.

The genesis of Tahiti Douche’s emblematic advertisements

But what is the secret behind the advertisements of Tahiti Shower? The answer lies in the creative genius of the French advertising agency, BDDP & Fils (now TBWAParis). Their brilliant idea was to represent people showering under a waterfall while taking us to an exotic world with heavenly scents.

The impact of Tahiti Douche advertising

The advertisements of Tahiti Shower have reigned supreme on TV screens for decades, rekindling desires for escape and tropical scents. These campaigns not only established Tahiti Shower as a reference brand in the world of shower gels, but have also shaped our modern vision of the bathroom, transforming a simple ritual into a moment of total change of scenery.

So there you have it, you now know that behind every bottle of Tahiti Shower, hiding not only exotic scents and smiles, but also a captivating and visually lush advertising story. I hope the next time you take a shower, you will think of this little story.

So, ready for the trip? Next…

The success of the Tahiti Douche ad

The campaign was an instant success. Consumers not only loved the idea of ​​being able to travel with the simple act of taking a shower, but were also won over by the quality of the products. Tahiti. Sales have thus experienced exponential growth, making Tahiti Shower one of the most popular brands on the market.

And the Chocosui in all this?

If you are still wondering what is the connection between chocosui And Tahiti Shower, do not search anymore ! THE chocosui is a key ingredient in some of the brand’s shower gels. It provides a creamy texture and a unique gourmet fragrance, further enhancing the sensory experience offered by Tahiti Shower.

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In summary, behind the famous advertisement of Tahiti Shower hides a well-thought-out strategy aimed at transforming a simple shower into a tropical trip. This publicity also helped introduce new ingredients such as chocosui in our daily shower products. So the next time you take a shower with your gel Tahiti favorite, remember…before you lies an endless field of tropical possibilities.