How to fly to Tahiti from Switzerland: Discover all the secrets of this heavenly destination!

Comment s'envoler vers Tahiti depuis la Suisse : Découvrez tous les secrets de cette destination paradisiaque !

The ideal trip, from Switzerland to Tahiti

Do you dream of escape and beaches as far as the eye can see? Crystal clear turquoise waters and green mountains? If yes, your next destination of journey could well be Tahiti. And if you live in Switzerland and you’re wondering how to get there, look no further. more ! Your answer is right here!

Take the appropriate flights

Since the France, several companies offer flights to the island of Tahiti. Among them, Air Tahiti Nui and Air France are the most popular. For leave from Switzerland, you just need to take a flight from Geneva or Zurich to Paris, and from there you can easily transit to Tahiti.

Which route to choose for this heavenly journey?

During your journey towards Tahiti, you might be tempted to stop over in other paradises on the Pacific Ocean. Some of the other popular destinations include the he is of Pago and of Bora Bora. These magical places add an extraordinary touch to your trips and are an almost obligatory passage before reaching your last stop, Tahiti.

Best time to go on a trip to Tahiti

Tahiti enjoys a tropical climate all year round. However, if you want to make the most of your stay, choose the period from May to October. The months of May to October are generally cooler and less rainy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the flight from France to Tahiti?The flight usually lasts around 22 hours, with a stopover in Los Angeles or Tokyo.
What is the currency in Tahiti?The official currency of Tahiti is the Pacific Franc (XPF).
Do you need a visa to travel to Tahiti from Switzerland?No, Swiss residents can enter and stay in Tahiti for 90 days without a visa.

So my fellow travelers, are you ready for this dream trip? Pack your suitcase, your flip-flops, your sunscreen and your love for nature, and leave discover paradise on earth. Tahiti is waiting for you, so don’t wait more to board!

How to fly to Tahiti from Switzerland: The secrets of this heavenly destination!

Do you dream of exoticism, fine sandy beaches, crystal clear lagoons and coconut palms? Fasten your seatbelts cause I’m gonna show you today how to fly to Tahiti since the Swiss, as well as all the secrets of this heavenly destination. On the way !

The flight: Imminent take-off to Tahiti

Get ready, you are about to dive into an adventure lasting approximately 28 hours of flight from Switzerland. Suffice to say, we have time to do a little marathon of netflix ! Several airlines offer to pick you up, including Air Tahiti Nui which operates flights from Zurich and Air France from Geneva. Don’t forget to appreciate the scenery of your stopovers which generally take you via Los Angeles or Tokyo, an opportunity for a double change of scenery!

Planning your stay in Tahiti: The essentials to discover!

Once there, we can only advise you to prepare your program. Of course, the essential scuba diving to meet the multicolored fish, without forgetting the golf of Moorea for amateurs, or the visit of pearl farms. Also note that it is very easy to travel by boat to the neighboring islands.

A detour via the hotel box is also a must. How not to mention the St Regis Bora Bora Resort or the famous Intercontinental Resort Tahiti. What to discover once again the talent of local architecture and quality infrastructure.

For more details, see the guide “How to reach the paradise of Tahiti from Switzerland”. Do not wait any longer, take a flight to this paradise on Earth and take a little warmth and good humor in your suitcases. Tahiti is more than a destination, it’s a state of mind!