The most beautiful hikes to do in Polynesia

The most beautiful hikes to do in Polynesia

Polynesia is a magnificent place for hiking. This region is dotted with valleys, mountains, waterfalls, and spectacular gardens. If you like hiking, you are definitely in the right place.

The Fautaua Valley

One of the most beautiful hikes to do in Polynesia is the Fautaua Valley in Tahiti. This is an ideal hike for those looking for a demanding hike and a bit longer than most. The Fautaua Valley is an incredibly beautiful place with a spectacular waterfall that will leave you speechless.

The hike itself takes about six hours, taking you through rainforest (with trees over 60 meters high) and climbing steep rocks. But the breathtaking view of Fautaua waterfall is definitely worth it. It is certainly one of the most scenic hikes in Tahiti.

The gardens of Vaipahi

The Vaipahi Gardens are the perfect place for a family hike. It is a beautiful rainforest area with impressive streams and waterfalls. The landscape is as beautiful as it is varied, with vast expanses of lush greenery and flowers everywhere you look.

The hike takes about an hour and a half and is easily accessible from the main road in Tahiti. The Vaipahi Gardens are also the perfect place for a picnic with family or friends.

Mount Aorai Waterfall

If you like challenging hikes, Mount Aorai Waterfall is the place for you. This hike requires serious climbing and hiking skills, and takes about eight hours to complete.

There are some tricky sections where you have to scramble over rocks while holding on to ropes, but the stunning view of Mount Aorai waterfall at the end is worth it. This is one of Tahiti’s toughest and most scenic hikes.

The Papenoo Valley

The Papenoo Valley is a hidden treasure on the island of Tahiti. This hike is not for beginners, but is accessible to anyone with some hiking experience. You must be able to walk at least eight hours straight and cross difficult sections with rocks and mud.

The Papenoo Valley is a true tropical paradise, with an abundance of waterfalls and clear water streams to admire. The hike is strenuous, but the reward of the natural beauty of the Papenoo Valley is worth it.

The waterfall of Veaa

For a unique hike that is easily accessible, consider Veaa Waterfall. This hike is short, takes about 20 minutes and is accessible from the main road in Tahiti. Veaa Waterfall is hidden in the rainforest and is a beautiful oasis of clear water.

The water is cool and refreshing, especially after a hot day of hiking. The view of Veaa Waterfall is spectacular and makes it a popular spot for travelers looking for a relaxing afternoon.

Mount Marau

Mount Marau is one of the highest peaks in Tahiti, culminating at an altitude of over 1,390 meters. The hike itself takes around five hours and is rated as difficult.

The panoramic views of Tahiti from the top of Mount Marau are absolutely spectacular. You can see the surrounding coast line, mountains and waterfalls.

Hiking Checklist

If you are considering hiking in Polynesia, here are some things to consider before you go:

  • Bring enough water for the hike and stay hydrated on your hike.
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate hiking shoes.
  • Make sure you have a map of the hike and don’t hesitate to ask a local for help if you get lost.
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Bring insect repellent to avoid insect bites.
  • Bring a light jacket and rain gear as the weather can change quickly.


What is the best season for hiking in Polynesia?

The best season for hiking in Polynesia is generally during the drier months, from May to September. This avoids periods of rain and high temperatures in summer.

How do I prepare for a hike in Polynesia?

It is recommended that you wear comfortable hiking shoes, bring water and snacks, a map of the hike, sunscreen and insect repellent. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with regulations and other safety practices before heading out for a hike.

Are there guided hikes available in Polynesia?

Yes, there are guided hikes available in Polynesia. This may be an option for those looking to explore the trails for the first time or for those looking to gain additional information about the area and its unique features.