The guide to shopping in Polynesia: Where to find the best deals

Discover Polynesia and its shopping treasures

Polynesia is a paradise archipelago located in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean. Composed of several islands including Tahiti, the largest of them, Polynesia attracts thousands of tourists each year thanks to its turquoise lagoons, its white sand beaches and its strong Polynesian culture. It is also known for its quality artisanal products, such as monoi, a fragrant coconut oil, renowned for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

The best boutiques and souvenir shops in Polynesia

Boutiques and souvenir shops in Polynesia offer a wide range of local handicrafts, ranging from traditional outfits to jewelry, handbags, hats and souvenirs of all kinds.

The Papeete Market

The Papeete market is the perfect place to find the best local handicrafts in Polynesia. Here you will find shell necklaces, pareo brands, black pearl jewelry and souvenirs. You can also find Monoï de Tahiti, especially Monoï Heiva.

Carrefour Punaauia Shopping Center

The Carrefour Punaauia shopping center is the largest shopping center on the island of Tahiti, full of a multitude of stores. You can find products from French and international brands, fashion items, electronic equipment, video games and toys.

The Tiki Shop

La Boutique Tiki is a shop located in Papeete, specializing in unique and artisanal Polynesian products. Here you will find a large selection of Polynesian souvenirs and fashion items such as traditional outfits, sarongs, shell necklaces, mother-of-pearl jewelry and handbags.

Monoi: the best souvenir to bring back from Polynesia

Monoi is one of the many Polynesian specialties, very popular among visitors. This delicious blend of coconut oil and delicious fragrance is used for both beauty and sacred Polynesian rites. Monoï de Tahiti is a high quality perfumed oil, manufactured according to the standards and regulations of French Polynesia.

Where to find the best Monoi

The Monoi House

La maison du Monoï is one of the best places to buy Monoi de Tahiti. The shop offers a wide range of products, including pure Tahitian monoi, as well as monoi blends with different flavors like vanilla or tiare. You can also buy body milk, shampoos, and soaps with Monoï.

In local markets

You can also find Monoi de Tahiti by visiting local markets in Polynesia. These markets often offer quality local products, such as tropical fruits, fresh vegetables and local meat. However, be sure to check the quality of the product before purchase.

Tiara Tahiti

Founded in 1955, Tia Tahiti is a Polynesian company that produces organic plant-based cosmetics, such as body moisturizers and shampoos. Tiare Tahiti beauty products are made from local plants, which guarantees the quality and authenticity of the ingredients.

Tea Nui

Tea Nui is a local brand that produces teas and herbal teas from Polynesian plants. Founded in 2011, Tea Nui is renowned for its exotic blends of tinctures, for its plants with medicinal properties.


If you’re looking for unique, handcrafted souvenirs, French Polynesia is the perfect place to shop. You can visit the many markets, as well as specialty shops to find the best monoi, mother-of-pearl jewellery, traditional clothing and souvenirs. You can also visit French and international brand stores such as the Carrefour Punaauia shopping center. Take advantage of your stay in Polynesia to discover and bring home the wonders that this paradise island has to offer!


What are the most popular products to buy in Polynesia?

The most popular products are handcrafted souvenirs such as mother-of-pearl jewellery, handbags, traditional clothing and monoi.

Where is the best place to buy Monoi?

It is best to buy monoi in a specialized place such as the Maison du Monoï. You can also find it in local markets, but be sure to check the quality of the product before buying it.

What are the local fashion brands in Polynesia?

Tiare Tahiti and Tea Nui are two popular brands that produce herbal beauty products.