How much alcohol can you bring back from Guadeloupe?

Combien d alcool peut on ramener de guadeloupe

How much rum to bring from Guadeloupe?

The customs services ensure that each traveler can transport up to 10 liters of rum in the trunks of the airport of Fort-de-France / Paris.

What rum should I bring from Martinique?

5 old Novels:

  • 1 – La Favorite – SPECIAL CUVÉE. The Filibuste Hors d’Age. …
  • 2 – Neisson – 15 years old. …
  • 3 – Quintessence Saint James – XO. …
  • 4 – Clement – Cuvée Homère – Teenage girl. …
  • 5 – Rum J-M – XO. …
  • 1 – HSE – Black Sheriff. …
  • 2- Neisson – White 55°…
  • 3- Clement – blue rod 50°

What rum should I bring from Guadeloupe?

The 5 best rums from Guadeloupe

  • Longueteau white rum. …
  • Damoiseau 50° white rum…
  • Rum Longueteau Montebello 50°…
  • Special old rum 42° Karukera. …
  • Especially the Cuvée Chevalier de Saint-Georges Bologna.

Where to buy rum in Guadeloupe

The Selverin distillery offers one of the best local Roman farms, produced since 1928. You can buy Séverin white rum (50 or 55°), Old Séverin rum (3 to 6 years or more) and all types of punch and cocktails.

How much alcohol can I take with me on the plane?

Liquors and alcoholic beverages in addition to wine and beer Approved amount is free
Alcohol and liqueur above 22 degrees 1 litre
Gold beer and liquor containing less than 22 degrees 2 liters
Or undenatured ethyl alcohol with a strength of 80 degrees more 1 litre

What liquids in the hold?

The following products and / or products are prohibited in crafts, but are allowed in approved products: Liquids and gels such as drinks, perfumes, lotions, ointments, toothpaste, syrups, mascaras, lipsticks, deodorant … different packaged in containers of more than 100ml.

How much alcohol can I bring back to Le Perthus?

Wine: 90 liters (plus 60 liters of sparkling wine); Wine: 110 liters; Spirit drink (rum, whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, cognac …): 10 liters; Medium products (port, Madeira …): 20 liters.

What spices to bring from Guadeloupe?

Ginger, annatto, saffron, pepper, cumin, colombo, cloves and peppers are the flavors you can bring back from your trip to the Caribbean.

Where to buy Guadeloupe souvenirs?

Where to buy souvenirs in Guadeloupe: some ideas. Village Artisanal de Sainte-Anne: Less than a five-minute walk from the beach in the village of Sainte-Anne, the Village Artisanal is an open-air village with lines and art shops.

How to bring flowers from Guadeloupe?

No problem returning the flowers. They are packed in a special box, packed together with the goods you picked up at the airport upon arrival. The flowers are beautiful and will last two weeks in your home, expanding your relaxation and meditation even further. Even bring some to your friends.

Where to find vanilla pods in Guadeloupe

Domaine de Vanibel in Guadeloupe The coffee is processed from vanilla under environmental conditions. After the tour, enjoy a cup of Vanibel coffee. You can buy a fan bag to put back in your box.

How much alcohol can we bring from the meeting?

ALCOHOL REPAIR 2 3 The number
ALCOHOL 2 3 Wine again Number of liters 4
ALCOHOL 2 3 Alcohol and Number of liters 16
DRINK 2 3 i.e. drinks containing more than 22° Number of liters

What fruits can we bring back to mainland France from Reunion?

Five fruits, mangoes, lemons, kaffir limes, bell peppers and capsicums are prohibited for export, while pineapples, bananas and coconuts are illegal. With regard to fruits and pecans, there is no control if the packaging does not exceed 5 kg.

How much alcohol can you bring from Martinique?

ALCOHOL 1 Wine and Number of liters 16
DRINK 1 i.e. drinks above 22° Number of liters
DRINK 1 or drink containing 22° or less Number of liters 2

What fruit should you bring back from the meeting?

These are bananas, pineapple, coconut, durian and dates.