Where is Petite Terre located in Guadeloupe?

Où se trouve Petite Terre en Guadeloupe ?

Guadeloupe National Park.

Where to see corals in Guadeloupe?

Où voir des coraux en Guadeloupe ?
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Iles aux Pigeons: life-size aquarium The Coral Garden: the most spectacular place with incredible coral reefs. Aquarium: less safe place, but also very rich in colorful corals. La Piscine: a family town with few corals but a rich and diversified fauna.

Where to see turtles in Malendure? All the locals agree that Malendure beach is the best place to observe sea turtles. This place, located not far from the Cousteau reserve, enchants with its turtles as well as its black sand, which contrasts with the blue of the horizon.

Where to see sharks in Guadeloupe? A little further from there, you will be happy to find the beautiful reserve of Petite Terre. This small islet near Saint-François is an ideal place to practice scuba diving and discover unique species such as the lemon shark or shark.

Where are the sharks in Guadeloupe?

Où sont les requins en Guadeloupe ?
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The waters of Guadeloupe are very safe from the point of view of sharks. Distrust of boats (mandatory fight), black sea urchins, moray eels in reef holes, low tide at the exit of the coral enclosure, because the current can make the return difficult.

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How to get to Petite Terre Guadeloupe?

Comment se rendre à Petite-terre Guadeloupe ?
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There are two types of bus to Petite Terre: speedboat or catamaran/sailboat: a speedboat trip takes about 45 minutes and is much faster than a catamaran or a sailboat (1h30). So you can enjoy more time on the island for the same price and exactly the same service!

Where do iguanas live?

Où vivent les iguanes ?
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Lives in southern Mexico, Central America, northern South America (up to Peru, Brazil and Paraguay); and in the Lesser Antilles, where it was introduced by people like Florida and the Hawaiian Islands.

Where do marine iguanas live? The Galapagos Islands are home to the world’s only sea lizard, the Galapagos Marine Iguana. This iconic reptile is found nowhere else and consists of 6 subspecies, each living on a different island.

Where are the iguanas hiding? Heavenly beaches, crystal clear water and coconut trees are places conducive to meeting these atypical animals. The iguana is a small harmless reptile that can measure up to 2 meters.

What is an iguana predator? The main predator of young iguanas is the basilisk, a lizard which has the particularity of being able to run on its hind legs and which catches young iguanas on the ground in the first months of life.