When to take your tickets for Guadeloupe

Quand prendre ses billets pour la guadeloupe

How to come to Guadeloupe?

You can enter Guadeloupe with a valid identity card or passport. You will not need a visa if you are Swiss and a citizen of the European Union.

Which personal document to go to Guadeloupe?

– Works (EU): valid identity card. Please note: if you wish to take the opportunity to travel to islands outside the French Caribbean (such as Saint-Martin), a valid passport is required. – Best season: from December to April (dry season or Lent).

What is dangerous in Guadeloupe?

Criminal mortality exceeds mortality in Marseilles or Corsica. The tourist is not afraid of anything, provided he respects certain rules. 42 is not (fortunately) the air temperature in the West Indies, but unfortunately the latest crime toll in Guadeloupe this year.

How to obtain a visa for Guadeloupe in Haiti?

You must send your passport, not a photocopy. The Guadeloupe visa must be displayed on one of the pages of your passport. The visa application cannot be processed without the original passport.

What budget to go for Guadeloupe?

For your trip to Guadeloupe we have estimated a budget of around €1400 per person per week. This price corresponds to a stay that you have organized yourself. However, you can compare prices if you prefer packages.

How to eat in Guadeloupe?

Creole cuisine is quite diverse, both meat and fish are eaten, usually accompanied by starch.

  • Aperitif: cod, eggplant fritters and West Indian black pudding.
  • Main course: pork or chicken Colombo, fish broth or Christophin gratin.

Is life expensive in Guadeloupe?

The cost of living in Guadeloupe is higher than on land, + 12.5% ​​on average. We know, everyone has already heard of it, in the French West Indies everything costs more and it is difficult to say the opposite.

What kind of salary to live well in Guadeloupe?

Read also: Guadeloupeans earn an average of €2,448 net per month, or €29,377 net per year.

What are the companies for Guadeloupe?

Skyscanner provides access to cheap flights to Guadeloupe (among hundreds of airlines including Air France, Delta, Air Canada) without having to specify a date or destination.

Which airlines fly to Guadeloupe?

Airlines in Guadeloupe

  • Companies serving Guadeloupe. …
  • XLAirways? …

Which airline in the West Indies?

Which airline to choose to fly to the West Indies?

  • Air France: with Air Caraïbes, it is the company that operates the most flights to the West Indies. …
  • Level: Level started its flights in April 2019 to Pointe à Pitre and Fort de France (up to 8 flights per week).

Which airline for Martinique?

Book your flights online to Martinique with Air Caraïbes, Antilles.

When is the cheapest time to go to Guadeloupe?

Tips for finding a cheap flight to Guadeloupe. Book at least 2 weeks before departure to get a cheaper price. The main season is in July, August and September, and September is the cheapest month to travel to Guadeloupe.

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What is the cyclone season in Guadeloupe?

Every year, from June to November, Guadeloupe is exposed to the risk of cyclones. In this file, you will find information and preparation advice, as well as safety instructions that you will follow to protect yourself.