When to buy a plane ticket to Guadeloupe

Quand acheter un billet avion pour la guadeloupe

When to buy a plane ticket to Guadeloupe?

When to buy a Paris – Guadeloupe (Pointe-à-Pitre) plane ticket at the lowest price? Statistically, you will realize the greatest savings by buying a plane ticket 4-5 months in advance. On the other hand, you risk paying the full price if you book 11 to 12 months in advance.

How to eat in Guadeloupe?

Creole cuisine is quite varied, both meat and fish are eaten, usually with starch.

  • Starter: cod accras, eggplant pancakes and black pudding from the West Indies.
  • Main course: pork or poultry colombo, fish broth or christophine gratin.

When is the best time to go to Guadeloupe?

The best time to visit Guadeloupe is from January to April during the dry season. When to go to the carnival? In Guadeloupe, the carnival lasts more than 2 months. This ceremonial and cultural event takes place from January to mid-February.

What is the price of a plane ticket to Guadeloupe?

What is the cheapest flight to Guadeloupe? In the past 72 hours, the cheapest airfare to Guadeloupe from France was €108 one-way and €359 return.

Which day is the cheapest by plane?

What day of the week do you get the cheapest plane tickets? The best time to book a flight to save money is Thursday morning, according to a survey released Monday by Air Compensation and Liligo.

What budget to go to Guadeloupe?

For your trip to Guadeloupe, we have estimated a budget of around 1400 euros per person per week. This price corresponds to the stay that you have organized yourself. However, you can compare prices if you prefer package tours.

What personal documents for Guadeloupe?

– Documents (EU): valid identity document. Note: if you wish to take the opportunity to travel to islands outside the French Caribbean (such as Saint-Martin), a valid passport is required. – Best season: December to April (dry season or Lent). – Duration of the direct flight: 8h30.

When to buy plane tickets to Martinique?

According to the detailed table on ou-et-quand.net (section “average Martinique prices”), to find a cheap Martinique ticket, you have to bet on March, April, May, September, October and November. High tourist season in Martinique: December to April.

What better season for Martinique?

The dry season from December to April is the best time to enjoy a trip to Martinique.

Which airline for Martinique?

Book your flights to Martinique online with Air Caraïbes, an airline from the West Indies.

Which company to choose in Martinique?

Skyscanner gives you access to cheap flights to Martinique (from hundreds of airlines, including Air France, American Airlines, Air Canada) without specifying a date or destination.

How to come to Guadeloupe?

You can enter Guadeloupe with a valid identity card or passport. You will not need a visa if you are Swiss and a citizen of the European Union.

What is dangerous in Guadeloupe?

The death rate for criminals is higher than in Marseille and Corsica. The tourist is not afraid of anything, provided that certain rules are observed. 42 is not (fortunately) the air temperature in the West Indies, but unfortunately the latest crime rate in Guadeloupe this year.

Where wouldn’t you go in Guadeloupe?

POINTE-À-PITER AND SAINTE-ANNE: BASIC INFORMATION If you’re wondering where to go in Guadeloupe, don’t miss the towns of Pointe-à-Pitre and Sainte-Anne.

How to dress in Guadeloupe?

On the clothing side But if it’s hot in Guadeloupe, there are also a lot of mosquitoes. Therefore, it is wise to bet on long clothes. If t-shirts, shorts and skirts are still adequate during the day, plan to cover your sleepwear.