Treat yourself to a break in the magnificent landscapes of Brittany!

Offrez-vous une pause dans les magnifiques paysages de la Bretagne !

of the most beautiful landscapes in Brittany not to be missed!

Brittany is a beautiful region of France, known for its coasts and landscapes. Brittany offers many magnificent landscapes to discover, between its rocky coast and its granite relief.

Morbihan, located in the south of Brittany, has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. This small coastal region is known for its excellent beaches, granite cliffs and small fishing ports.

The Bay of Saint-Brieuc, located in the north of Brittany, is another great region to discover. This bay offers stunning sea views, with white chalk cliffs and sandy beaches.

The Côte de Granit Rose, located in the northeast of Brittany, is a beautiful coastal region known for its pink granite cliffs. This coast offers breathtaking views of the sea, with pink granite cliffs and fine sand.

Brittany is a beautiful region of France with many stunning landscapes to discover. If you have the chance to visit Brittany, do not hesitate to take advantage of all that this magnificent region has to offer!

Brittany is known for its magnificent wild landscapes.

Brittany is known for its marvelous wild landscapes. The coast offers magnificent landscapes between granite outcrops. The country is magnificent and offers beautiful landscapes. The landscapes of Morbihan are particularly appreciated.

The most beautiful villages in Brittany: an essential list!

For lovers of beautiful architecture and grandiose landscapes, Brittany is the promised land. Between its wonderful coasts, its typical small towns and its dream landscapes, we no longer know where to turn! To help you choose, here is a list of the most beautiful towns in Brittany.

Let’s start with Morbihan and its villages. You can see granite houses, Calvary and Romanesque churches. The most beautiful towns in Morbihan are Vannes, Auray, Carnac and Locronan.

Let’s continue our journey in Brittany towards the Côtes d’Armor. This region offers a variety of landscapes, between steep cliffs, small coves and fine sand. The most popular towns on the Côte d’Armor are Saint-Malo, Dinard, Dinan and Perros-Guirec.

The Côte de Granit Rose should not be forgotten with its marvelous landscapes. The towns of Ploumanach, Lannion and Perros-Guirec will not be missing.

Finally, Finistère will offer you a total change of scenery with its picturesque little towns. The most beautiful towns in Finistère are Locronan, Concarneau and Pont-Aven.

So don’t wait any longer and enjoy a break in one of these beautiful towns in Brittany!