Tips from travel influencers to travel cheaper

Astuces d’influenceurs voyage pour voyager moins cher

You are probably wondering how do all these people around you go on a trip every vacation, to plan so many trips to the other side of the planet without making credits? Besides, is it really possible to travel without spending all your savings? Yes.You too can bet for a cheap trip for your next vacation. The secret is to put into practice the tips of travel influencers to travel cheaper. Come on, because you are impatient and your luggage is already ready, we will reveal it to you without delay.

Cheap Travel: Look for Deals, Be Flexible

First item of expenditure, your trip strictly speaking. To start saving for your next travel destination, look for low cost flights, last minute deals,the crazy prices offered on a travel selectionnotably. Combined circuits, hotel clubs, thalassotherapy and well-being stays, top destinations… the range of promotions is not lacking. This is the first tip to start saving and making the most of your trip. Of course, the other trick is to stay flexible about your destination. Last minute or last places, you can also take advantage of preferential rates. Without forgetting to opt for the low season. By avoiding school vacation periods, long weekends with a bridge or public holidays, you still have the opportunity to opt for a cheaper trip.

Cheap travel: prefer alternative means of transport

Once you arrive at your destination, choose alternative means of transport. Choose often more economical alternatives such as the tram, tuc-tuc, bus, carpooling or even cycling, for example, to visit the country. Of course, the means of transport you choose will depend on the length of the journey, the degree of comfort you want and your desire to discover the country in an unusual way or not. In short, avoid taxis, planes, private drivers in particular. However, there are plenty of ways to save you money on this item.

Cheap travel: visit sites for free

“Greeter” or “free walking tour” with the name of your destination and off you go exploring a city without paying. And for good reason, volunteers offer you to discover their city. On the sidelines, by getting information well in advance, you can find ideas for outings and free activities. Some sites are also accessible less expensively by buying the ticket on the website or by opting for one of the off-peak time slots. Traveling for less therefore requires a bit of organization in advance for your cultural and leisure outings. Note that somemajor cities like New York also offer passes. The opportunity to save on the price of classic tickets by opting for a pass that allows you to visit the essential places of the city in question.

Cheap Travel: Eat Local

In order not to blow up your food/food budget, favor local foods and other dishes. Choose local shops, restaurants and other local canteens. If you happen to stop at a restaurant and can’t finish your plate, ask the server to wrap up your leftovers. It has even become common and not only abroad, in Europenow the doggy bag is in orderto combat food waste. Eat like the locals. In addition to saving you money, it will also allow you to disorient your taste buds, to discover the country through its gastronomy. You can also plan something for a picnic throughout your trip by taking with you something to store them like airtight plastic boxes and bamboo cutlery. However, be careful with your water consumption. Always remember to favor bottled water and make sure it is open before your eyes. Of course, the ideal is to have a filter gourd or a gourd with a charcoal stick to filter running water.

Cheap travel: other tips

Of course, the list of tips does not end there. Consider checking the cost of living at your next travel destination. Certainly the plane ticket may seem expensive, but once there, your other expenses will not be. Then, travel light. Is it useful to have checked baggage? To have such heavy luggage? Is cabin baggage not enough? Of course, it’s up to you to see what essential items you want to count in your personal effects. Other avenues and not the least, the fact of opting for atoiletry bag and eco-friendly products. Solid soap and shampoo, oriculi, fabric make-up remover wipes… so many alternatives that allow you to save money while preserving the environment. Finally, you can also rent out your accommodation for all or part of your trip without forgetting to contact your bank for the costs related to your bank card abroad.