Tips for flying a dog

Conseils pratiques pour faire voyager un chien en avion

In our airline fleet, the temperature in the hold is variable. In a Boeing 767, it is still over 7°C in the baggage compartment, but the mass compartment (where the animals are housed) can be heated to over 18°C. Temperature-controlled lockers are also provided for shipping temperature-sensitive goods.

Which airline accepts large dogs in the cabin?

Quelle compagnie aérienne accepte les gros chiens en cabine ?

Increase in the maximum authorized weight In addition, Vueling has been rewarded for having increased the maximum authorized weight for cabin animals from 8 to 10 kilos. This weight includes the animal, its transport box and any accessories.

Which company accepts dogs in the cabin?

Does Easyjet accept dogs? Pets are not allowed on our flights, with the exception of recognized and registered guide dogs. See also our Guide Dog Policy: Special Assistance.

Which animals can travel in the cabin? Only dogs or cats weighing less than 8 kg (bag included) are allowed in the cabin. For transport in the hold, the rules of transport and the course of the journey are detailed here. The transport of goods is compulsory if the animal and its cage weigh more than 75 kg.

What is the maximum transport time for an animal without being able to get out of the vehicle?

Quel est la durée maximum de transport d'un animal sans qu'il puisse sortir du véhicule ?

There are two types of authorization: type 1 transport authorization covers short journeys (maximum 8 hours) and type 2 transport authorization covers long distance journeys (more than 8 hours).

What are the obligations imposed on lucrative transport over a distance of more than 65 km? on 65 km, to sell, it is necessary the Captav, and the authorization.

Who takes care of animal transport? Drivers or assistants (persons accompanying the animals during transport) of establishments subject to transport authorization must hold a certificate of competency for the transport of domestic ungulates (ruminants, pigs, horses) and poultry.

How do I send live animals? Each France Express agency complies with the ISO9001 version 2011 standard and is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture for the transport of live animals, guaranteeing the safety of the animals transported. France Express provides manual handling without maintenance equipment or mechanical chains.

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How do dogs relieve themselves on the plane?

Comment les chiens font leur besoin dans l'avion ?

For your dog’s comfort, choose a cage that is large enough. Your dog should be able to stand, sit, and lie down, and be able to turn around for comfort. Consider staying a few hours in this small space.

Where do the animals go on the plane? Each passenger can only travel with one animal. In economy class, the bag (or cage) must fit in the space under the seat in front of you. Under no circumstances should your animal leave its cage for the duration of the flight.

How do dogs travel by plane? To travel in the cabin, your animal must be placed in a transport box for dogs or cats with a maximum size of 40 cm x 24 cm x 20 cm. Beyond that, you will have to travel in the hold.

Are dogs allowed on the plane?

Est-ce que les chiens sont autorisés dans l'avion ?

Formalities. To be admitted on board, your animal must have all its mandatory vaccinations up to date. Any dog ​​or cat traveling in the European Union must be identified by means of an electronic chip. You must also have a European passport.

Which airline accepts animals? Which airlines accept pets on board?

  • Air France.
  • British Airways.
  • Lufthansa.
  • Air Canada.
  • TUI.
  • Austrian airlines.
  • Thomas Cook.
  • Turkish Airlines.