The most beautiful dive sites in Polynesia

Polynesia is a real El Dorado for diving enthusiasts. With its crystal clear waters and its dense and varied underwater fauna, it offers unforgettable diving experiences. Here are the most beautiful dive sites in Polynesia, from Bora to Rangiroa.

Diving in Bora Bora

Bora Bora is one of Polynesia’s most popular destinations, and for good reason. Its crystal clear waters and coral reefs are home to abundant and colorful marine life. The most interesting dive sites are around Mount Otemanu, an iconic volcanic peak on the island. You can admire tropical fish, black tip sharks, manta rays and sea turtles.

The best dive sites in Bora Bora

  • Muri Muri: a shallow site with beautiful corals and a wide variety of fish.
  • Tapu: a site for experienced divers with gray sharks and stingrays.
  • Anau: a shallow site with colorful corals and a wide variety of fish, perfect for beginners.

Diving in Moorea

Moorea is an island less known than Bora Bora, but just as beautiful. Dives here take place in deep, clear waters with an abundance of marine life. Lemon sharks and eagle rays are common, along with schools of colorful fish.

Moorea’s best dive sites

  • The Taotoi Pass: a site for experienced divers with manta rays and lemon sharks.
  • Tiki: a shallow site with gigantic corals and a wide variety of fish.
  • Tao Tao: a site for beginner divers with colorful corals and a wide variety of fish.

Diving in the Tuamotu Archipelago

The Tuamotu Archipelago is a series of isolated coral islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In this preserved environment, marine life is abundant and diverse. Sharks are common here, as well as humpback whales during migration season.

The best dive sites in the Tuamotu Archipelago

  • Rangiroa: the largest lagoon in Tuamotu is an unmissable destination, with schools of gray sharks and dolphins.
  • Fakarava: This site is famous for hammerhead sharks, as well as a wide variety of other shark species.
  • Apataki: an uncrowded but beautiful site, with colorful corals and abundant marine life.

Diving in Tahiti

Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, also offers incredible diving experiences. Dives here take place in a protected lagoon, where you can see a wide variety of fish and coral, as well as wrecks of WWII warships.

The best dive sites in Tahiti

  • Vaima bath: a shallow site with colorful corals and reef fish, perfect for beginners.
  • The Airplane Wreck: A WWII shipwreck is home to schools of fish, stingrays and seahorses.
  • Tahiti Iti: a dive in the south of Tahiti offering colorful corals, pelagic fish and manta rays.


Polynesia is a true diver’s paradise, with a wide variety of dive sites offering unique experiences. From Bora Bora to Rangiroa, each island offers underwater wonders to discover. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Polynesia has something to offer everyone. So embark on the trip of your life and discover the most beautiful dive sites in Polynesia.


What is the best season to dive in Polynesia?

Polynesia enjoys a tropical climate all year round, with an average water temperature of 26°C. However, the dry season, from May to August, is the best time to dive, with optimal visibility and abundant marine fauna. Humpback whale season is from July to November, providing a unique opportunity to observe these majestic creatures.

What are the diving safety standards in Polynesia?

Diving safety is taken very seriously in Polynesia. The dives are supervised by professional instructors and the equipment is regularly maintained. Divers must have a valid diving certification and comply with current safety rules.

What types of sharks can you see while diving in Polynesia?

Polynesia is home to a wide variety of sharks, including gray sharks, lemon sharks, blacktip sharks and hammerhead sharks. Sharks are generally not dangerous for divers, but it is important to respect the safety rules in force and to follow the advice of the instructors.