The 8 islands of French Polynesia that you absolutely must visit

Les 8 îles de Polynésie française que vous devez absolument visiter

The 10 most beautiful islands of French Polynesia

The archipelago of French Polynesia consists of 118 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean. Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea and Raiatea are the islands best known and most popular with tourists. If you want to discover the most beautiful islands of Polynesia, you absolutely must visit the following islands:

1. Bora Bora: This island is located about 230 kilometers from Tahiti and is easily accessible by domestic flights. Bora Bora is known for its white sand beaches, turquoise waters and luxury hotels.

2. Tahiti: Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia and is about a 10 hour flight from France. Tahiti is a very lively island with many activities and tourist attractions.

3. Moorea: Moorea is a beautiful island located 30 minutes by ferry from Tahiti. Moorea is famous for its white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons and green mountains.

4. Raiatea: Raiatea is a quiet island located about 45 minutes by ferry from Tahiti. Raiatea is known for its crystal clear lagoon, coral gardens and ancient temples.

islands of French Polynesia to visit for an unforgettable stay!

The islands of French Polynesia are incredible and you must visit them if you have the chance. The archipelago is located southeast of Polynesia, in the Pacific Ocean, and consists of more than 120 islands. Bora Bora is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago and is famous for its white sand beaches and blue lagoons. Tahiti is the main island of the archipelago and is very popular with tourists. There is plenty to see and do in Tahiti, and many direct flights are available from France. If you want to visit the islands of French Polynesia, you will need to book your flights in advance as they can be quite difficult to find.

The 10 best French islands for holidays

French Polynesia is an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean, made up of 5 main islands: Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine and Raiatea. It is a popular holiday destination, especially for its white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons. If you want to visit French Polynesia, you must book a flight to one of the 5 main islands. Tahiti is the largest and most famous of the islands of French Polynesia. This is where Faa’a International Airport is located, from where most flights depart to the other islands of the archipelago. Bora Bora is the most famous island in French Polynesia, especially for its luxury hotels and dream beaches. Moorea is a very green island, famous for its mountainous landscapes covered with tropical forest. Huahine is a quiet island, ideal for those who want to disconnect from the world. Raiatea is the sacred island of French Polynesia, where the largest temple of the archipelago is located.