Tahiti: Discover the professions that best suit it!

Tahiti : Découvrez les métiers qui s'y adaptent le mieux !

Tahiti: Discover the professions that best suit it!

Tahiti: Discover the professions that best suit it!

Located on one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, Tahiti offers professional opportunities in various fields. The island is very popular with vacationers who come to enjoy the paradisiacal landscapes, vibrant colors and calm waters of the sea. Those interested in expatriation might be interested in coming to work on the island to enjoy the sun, the ocean and lush nature.

Whether in Papeete, the capital of Tahiti, or in the countryside, there are several professions that adapt perfectly to this paradise island. These could include jobs in hotels, restaurants or even tourism. We will see in this article what each of these professions consists of, and what they require to settle in Tahiti.

Hospitality and catering professions in Tahiti

International hotel groups are present in Tahiti thanks in particular to brands such as M Tahiti Nui Hotel And InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa. Agricultural production is abundant on the island and intended mainly for tourism. It represents more than half of Tahiti’s GDP. Thus, many professions linked to the hotel and catering industry are necessary to satisfy tourist demand.

To work in the hotel industry in Tahiti, it is necessary to have training and experience in the service. Employees can work as housekeepers, receptionists, waiters or even as chefs. Candidates must have a good knowledge of the French language and must also be prepared to work under pressure, long hours and in a difficult environment.

THE catering sector is also very present in Tahiti. The restaurants are usually located by the sea and offer local specialties, such as sushi, raw fish, street food and dishes inspired by international cuisine. Catering professions are very varied, employees can become waiters, sommeliers, cooks or even bartenders.

Working in tourism in Tahiti

Tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors in French Polynesia. Indeed, according to the site Visit French Polynesia, more than 500,000 tourists visit Polynesia every year. The activities most often practiced alone include diving, fishing, kitesurfing, surfing, sailing and going to the beach.

As such, tourism in Tahiti offers various opportunities to work on the island. The main positions that recruit are mountain guides, guides, diving instructors, surfers, sailors and tourist guides. In-depth knowledge and applicable training in the subject are necessary to be able to occupy a position in this field and to be able to practice in complete safety.

Conditions for working in Tahiti

Conditions for working in Tahiti

To work in Tahiti, it is necessary for foreigners to hold a B2 work permit. This document is issued by the Center des Impôts et des Affaires Internationales, at the request of the recruiter, after obtaining the certificate of employment. The request must be made in advance and may take several months to be issued.

It is also necessary to submit to a medical certificate process to obtain the right to work on the island. This document is available from third-party laboratories approved by the State and can be renewed every year to be able to work in Tahiti.


Tahiti offers many job opportunities in different sectors. The main areas are restaurants and hotels, as well as tourism and leisure. To be able to work on the island, it is necessary to have a work permit and a medical certificate. The working conditions require a good knowledge of the French language and the ability to work under pressure or for long hours.

Tahiti is an exceptional island which offers an unequaled quality of life. It is synonymous with paradise, sun and white sand beaches, and working on this island is a great opportunity. The hotel, catering and tourism professions are the fields that offer the most possibilities, but there are many others that allow you to take advantage of them and live this unique experience.