Nile Cruise: Explore the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt”.

Croisière sur le Nil : Explorez les Mystères de l'Egypte Ancienne".

Nile Cruise, Explore the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating land of history, magic and mystery. Whether you are looking for archaeological treasures or fun times, nothing can beat the privilege of sailing the Nile and exploring its pristine shores. If you want to discover the hidden riches of Egypt and share a trip you will remember for a long time to come, book your Nile cruise today.

A Nile Cruise, a stress-free journey

During your cruise on the Nile, you can relax and unwind while enjoying the magnificent landscapes that the land of the Pharaohs offers you. Prestigious boats cruise like those of the tour operator Egypt Tours embark travelers from all over the world every year. You are guaranteed to sail at edge a luxurious boat, accompanied by the most courteous and professional staff.

The Nile cruise includes regular stops to allow you to visit some of Egypt’s most impressive sites. You can explore the heart of the old Egypt and its most famous sites, in search of the secrets buried under the sand and enjoy the architectural and musical treasures that dot the land of the Pharaohs. You will visit famous cities: Luxor, Bahariya Oasis, Qaitbay Citadel Minaret, etc.

Cruises and Excursions in Egypt: Activities for Everyone

While your boat cruise along the Nile, you will have the opportunity to make a number of interesting excursions. You can swim in hidden rivers, enjoy country life and visit the marvelous Temple of Kom Ombo. Professional guides will visit each stop to provide live information and presentations of local flora and fauna.

Your boat will also stop at the most contemporary ports for you to discover lush markets and architectural marvels like the Cairo District and the Thousand Columns Mosque of Akshab. Most Nile cruises also offer fun activity and entertainment programs for you and your family.

To find out what you can taste on the Nile, here is a comparison of the main food options of the biggest tour operators:

Nile Cruisers

All-you-can-eat buffet including local specialties such as falafels, raw vegetables and rice salads.Multi-course meal with optional wine
Egypt ToursFind classics such as stuffed vine leaves and mixed barbecue, served with vegetables and saladsFive-course gourmet menu and exquisite dessert
Middle East Navigation

A varied range of local and international products are served throughout the dayDining options including European cuisines, Middle Eastern dishes and desserts.

From Theory to Practice: Embark Today

With so few places that are both mythical and spiritual, Egypt is a destination of journey unique for true adventurers. Cruises on the Nile, you can discover and enjoy the countless treasures of ancient Egypt, rich in their thousand years of history. So don’t wait any longer: begin today on your journey on the Nile to discover the hidden wonders of ancient Egypt.