Discover the Best Cities to Live in French Polynesia!

Découvrez les Meilleures Villes pour Habiter en Polynésie Française!

Introduction to French Polynesia

Located in the heart of the South Pacific, French Polynesia is a dream country where many travelers can escape to enjoy the most paradisiacal beaches and the wonderful activities it offers. Boasting a unique blend of French and Polynesian culture, Polynesia is an ideal country to live. Indeed, this bonded archipelago offers exceptional opportunities for entertainment, discovery and work to its inhabitants. Whether it’s the lively neighborhoods of Pape’ete, the serene atmosphere of Bora Bora or the idyllic beaches of the Marquesas Islands, Polynesian cities will delight their inhabitants.

Discover the best cities to live in French Polynesia

Discover the best cities to live in French Polynesia

Whether you choose to pack your bags and come to discover French Polynesia or whether you already have ties there, many Polynesian towns are looking for new inhabitants. In this article, we have presented the best Polynesian cities to settle down. Whether it’s for a day vacation or for your new home, we all have your best interests at heart.



Papeete is the capital of French Polynesia and one of the only cities in the country to offer fast and modern metropolitan services. The city is both lively and urban due to its proximity to the capital administered by France, and it is above all the commercial, cultural and administrative center of Polynesia.

Pape’ete is also considered the best place to invest in French Polynesia, offering many opportunities to find a job or open a business. Plus, its world-class education and healthcare system makes it the perfect place for students and families. Finally, the city has sumptuous ports, flowered sidewalks, museums and a lively nightlife to satisfy all tastes.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a premier island city for wealthy travelers and is considered the premier luxury destination in the region. Made up of a single island and a bay, this luxurious city in Polynesia is surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and wild areas that are perfect for romantic vacations.

Bora Bora is rightly a highly sought-after destination to settle there. Polynesian villages, luxurious residences and four and five star hotels on the famous island in the Pacific Ocean spread the magic of the Polynesian islands, offering a unique experience to their guests. The island also has multiple activities to offer its inhabitants: water sports, golf, diving, fishing, cycling, horseback riding and much more.


Âhua is a former Polynesian commune, today an integral part of the unified Papeete commune. Covering an area of ​​​​5.4 km², this small town is one of the youngest in the entire Polynesian archipelago. The inhabitants of Âhua are mostly Polynesians descended from emigrants from other islands and they are proud to preserve their ancestral culture.

Âhua is considered the most dynamic city in French Polynesia. With a subtropical climate, fertile land, rolling hills and pristine beaches, the city is the best place for a countryside start. Residents enjoy tropical gardens, exotic fruit plantations, and rich groundwater that sustains their crops. Local waterfalls, existing caves, bird watching and hiking are also a big part of the activities for visitors to enjoy.

Located next to the island of Tahiti, the small town of Fautuataai is made up of three Polynesian villages, mixing varied landscapes with rivers and wild waterfalls. The townspeople are proud of their rich cultural heritage and share their custom with tourists who visit Fautuataai.

One of the main attractions of Fautuataai is the Fautaai Festival, which takes place every year. Hundreds of tourists flock to this event to experience the many traditional dances, canoes, meals and songs that are available to both those who live in Fautuataai and those who stay there. Local rooms, such as the Kahaia Hotel or the Rapa Nui, offer interesting options for travelers who wish to spend the night there.

French Polynesia is a dream destination for those who wish to live a unique and magical experience. The region is known for its beautiful landscapes, turquoise waters and unique cultures. The most beautiful city in French Polynesia is undoubtedly Papeete. Whether for a short stay or to live there, it is a favorite place for vacationers and residents. There are many quality establishments, art galleries, shops and restaurants offering a varied cuisine. Papeete is also the ideal starting point for exploring the neighboring islands and enjoying the many activities on offer such as scuba diving, windsurfing and kayaking. If you are looking for a city full of charm, natural wonders and a unique atmosphere, French Polynesia is the perfect setting.

Papetee, the most beautiful city in French Polynesia


Vailima is a city located on the south coast of the island of Tahiti and whose name means “five coasts” in reference to the surrounding beaches and the serene atmosphere that reigns in its region. Vailima is home to local artists and admirable museums that showcase local works.

Most of the activities in Vailima have their origins in Polynesian culture. There is a cultural center which houses countless exhibitions and a reggae studio where young artists can touch their artistic dreams. Vailima is also a good place for cycling. Peaceful paths through footpaths and along the flower-lined coast offer unparalleled views of the sea. The town is also known for its annual fiestas, one of the most anticipated of which is theHeiva-Festival.

Furthermore, Vailima offers excellent infrastructure and modern public services for its inhabitants. It has a large number of medical and pharmaceutical institutions as well as good shopping facilities and numerous restaurants that offer local and international dishes.


Vaitape is the largest city on the island of Bora Bora and the residential and commercial administrative center of the friendly and hospitable islands. The city has a rich history and was settled by the Dutch, French and Tahitians in the 18th century. Although small, Vaitape has many picturesque neighborhoods that have developed along the coast.

Vaitape is surrounded by white sand beaches and incredible coral reefs. The city is also the seat of Marine days and Marine Sporting Events organized each year. Tourists can enjoy various activities, such as sailing, diving, fishing and kayaking, in one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Vaitape also offers modern facilities and an education and health system among the best in all of French Polynesia. Luxury guesthouses with stunning views of the white sandy bay and a variety of restaurants that offer all kinds of Polynesian cuisine are also available.


French Polynesia is a poetic archipelago that offers a variety of unique and unique experiences to those who stay there. Between beautiful white sand beaches, majestic sunsets, varied activities and exceptional investment opportunities, this is the ideal place for future residents.

French Polynesia offers an exclusive and unique blend of French and Polynesian culture as well as wonderful cities that can satisfy the most discerning. Whether you’re looking for a luxury vacation destination or the perfect place to settle down, we’ve included the best Polynesian towns above. We encourage you to explore all that French Polynesia has to offer to discover the destination that suits you best.