Book your Flight to Tahiti at the Best Price!”.

Réservez votre Vol pour Tahiti au Meilleur Prix !".

Book your Flight to Tahiti at the Best Price!

Book your Flight to Tahiti at the Best Price!

Do you dream of taking a magical trip to the earthly paradise that is Tahiti? You heard about it and now you want to get more social information to fly to this island? You are in the right place!

With its peaks, mountains and breathtaking nature, Tahiti is certainly one of the most popular destinations for tourists, both for their honeymoon and for a pleasant vacation. This paradise island is located in the Pacific Ocean, 20,000 kilometers from France, and is accessible via a flight.

In this article, we will discuss how to book your flight to Tahiti at the best price online. We’ll break down myterex the steps you need to take to find the perfect flight for your trip, as well as the different airfares offered by different airlines. Finally, we will make a comparison between the commercial flight and the business flight, so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

If you choose to fly to Tahiti, you will have the choice between 2 different international airports: Papeete-Faaa airport in Tahiti and Hao airport in Hao. Both are at different distances from the Tahitian capital, the island of Papeete.

France, the United States and Japan are the closest countries that directly connect Tahiti with direct non-stop flights. The flight from Paris to Tahiti in France can last around 20H55 hours. Direct flights are also available from Vancouver (Canada), Auckland (New Zealand) and other destinations around the world.

If you are looking to book a flight to Tahiti, you have come to the right place! Cheap flights to Papeete – Airport offers the best prices for flights from Tahiti. Whether for a short stay or a long trip, you will necessarily find the flight that suits you. With reduced rates, you can take the opportunity to discover the beauty of the Polynesian lagoons and live a unique and unforgettable experience. Don’t hesitate any longer and book your flight to Tahiti at the best price!

Airlines offering Flights at Affordable Prices

There is no need to spend a fortune on your flight from Paris to Tahiti. Airlines offer competitive fares to save you money. We give you an overview of the fares and lines offered by each airline:

Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui is the largest airline on the island, offering flights to major airports around the world, including Tahiti. This company makes round trips between Tahiti and Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo.

This company is known for the quality of its services and its excellent reliability and flight safety. The fares offered by Air Tahiti Nui are very affordable and you can choose from a variety of direct, non-stop flights from Paris to Tahiti.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is another airline that connects major New Zealand cities to Tahiti. The fares and flight schedules offered by Air New Zealand are very competitive and you will benefit from a special offer for groups and families.

Air New Zealand also offers low fares for non-stop, direct flights from Europe and the Pacific from Paris and other cities. You will also benefit from the outstanding service and customer care when traveling with Air New Zealand.

Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways offers regular and reliable service between Paris and Tahiti. Fiji Airways is known for its exceptional customer service and high level of safety and security.

However, Fiji Airways offers more expensive flights than the flights offered by Air Tahiti Nui and Air New Zealand. It may be advantageous to choose this airline if you want to take advantage of on-board service and customer service.

Commercial flight VS Business flight

You have the choice between a commercial flight and a business flight for your trip to Tahiti. Both variants are suitable for your needs, but the cost and level of comfort can vary greatly.

TEA commercial flight is the most popular choice, as it can offer excellent value for money. It is generally more affordable than business flights and the level of comfort is generally satisfactory. The only limit is the space available and the number of services available.

While the business theft may cost more than the commercial flight, it also offers a higher level of comfort and additional amenities, such as onboard Wi-Fi, sofa beds, reclining seats and other luxury amenities. The business flights offered by Air Tahiti Nui are instantly booked and offer the outstanding service characteristic of the airline.

Paris – Tahiti Flight Price Comparison

Paris - Tahiti Flight Price Comparison

To help you decide which airline to choose between Air Tahiti Nui, Air New Zealand and Fiji Airways, we have prepared a comparison table containing the prices of the most interesting flights departing from Paris as of 11/19/2020.

airline company Number of stopovers Flight duration Price
Air Tahiti Nui0 stopovers 20h55m 688 €
Air New Zealand1 stopover 27h35m 717 €
Fiji Airways1 stopover 26h30m 737 €

Tahiti Flight Booking Online

Tahiti Flight Booking Online

Do you want to book a flight to Tahiti? Follow detailed steps below:

Step 1: Find Flights at Affordable Prices

Before booking a flight, you should first consider all the options available at an affordable price. You can browse the offers of the different airlines on their website or on online flight comparators such as Expedia, Skyscanner or Ebookers. These sites are easy to use and will allow you to compare prices and available lines to find the best option for your trip.

Step 2: Decide to Fly Commercial or Business

Once you’ve compared fares, you need to decide whether you want to fly commercial or business. Many airlines offer business flights that are cheaper than traditional flights, but with a particular level of comfort and exceptional service.

Step 3: Book your Flight Online

Have you found the best deal for your trip and are now ready to book your flight? You can book your flight online in just a few minutes on airline websites or online flight comparators.

In a few simple steps, you can make your reservations online and receive a confirmation of your flight directly in your mailbox. All you have to do is print or save your confirmation and get ready for your trip.


Booking your flight to Tahiti has never been easier. You can find flights at affordable prices and book the flight that suits you best with just a few clicks.

Follow the guide above and book your flight to Tahiti at the best price!