Who can go to Egypt without a visa?

Qui peut aller en Égypte sans visa ?

Among the countries accessible without a visa and served by the country’s national airline, only 13 countries are mentioned, namely: Turkey, Lebanon, Serbia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Niger and Burkina Faso .

When is the best time to go to Egypt?

When is the best time to go to Egypt?
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The best time to travel to Egypt For those who like to enjoy the sun and for whom the high temperatures (which can reach 40°C in the shade in Egypt) are not a problem, the months of July to September are the ideal period to a travel. .

Climate city by city in Egypt in December Egypt in December, a sunny destination in Cairo, like Alexandria, has an average temperature of 11°C in the morning, which generally reaches 20°C in the afternoon.

When to go to Egypt? Do you know when to go to Egypt? Summer or spring, this charming country welcomes you all year round! It prefers autumn (September to November) because the temperatures oscillate between 25 and 35°C and the sun is omnipresent. Winter offers a mild, sometimes rainy climate.

When is the best time for a Nile cruise?

When is the best time for a Nile cruise?
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The best time to navigate the Nile is between November and March, and corresponds to the country’s high tourist season. You can enjoy a pleasant stay by the Egyptian river and avoid the hot summer sun.

What is the weather like in Egypt in February? Cairo is pleasant to visit during the month of February with 8 hours of sunshine per day and 1 rainy day. Temperatures can sometimes soar up to 34°C, but tend to stay between 10 and 22°C.

Or when to go to Egypt? It prefers autumn (September to November) because the temperatures oscillate between 25 and 35°C and the sun is omnipresent. Winter offers a mild, sometimes rainy climate. Spring, on the other hand, oscillates between mildness and heat.

What is the weather in Egypt in January? January in Egypt is most often characterized by sunny weather. You can count on 29 sunny days and it hardly ever rains. For this month of January, the minimum temperatures are on average 9°C and the maximum are 21°C.

Why is Egypt dangerous?

The “spa” is deserted, there are very few open shops and traffic. However, there are many tourists at the dive sites. The police are present around the hotels as everywhere in Egypt and there are also some armed checkpoints on the roads.

How to dress in Egypt in October? For the lower body, we strongly recommend that you adopt the cropped trousers which are not too hot but which also protect you from the scorching rays of the sun. For those who are less afraid of sunburn, it will be possible to select shorts or Bermuda shorts.

Is Egypt dangerous? Red zones are ubiquitous, there is no green zone under normal surveillance. At first glance, Egypt is a dangerous country to avoid.

What is the official currency of Egypt?

What is the official currency of Egypt?
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How to negotiate in Egypt?

Where to change money in Hurghada? You can change money at the airport asking for small denominations because no one has change…. 20.

How to dress in Egypt in January?

How to dress in Egypt in January?
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Re: January weather and clothes in Egypt – It is therefore imperative to wear warm and fairly light clothes, so that you can take them off as soon as the temperature rises.

How should a woman dress in Egypt? Therefore, it is recommended to wear clothes made of good material. Therefore, for your stay in Egypt, we recommend clothes made with natural materials such as cotton or linen. So you will be very comfortable. And you won’t risk burning yourself from excessive heat.

How to dress in Egypt in October? Both men and women should consider how they dress when traveling to Egypt. For visits to places of worship or monuments, it is better to consider decent dress, avoiding bikinis, bare-shouldered tops and short shorts.

Who can go to Egypt without a visa?

Visa exemptions: Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. If you stay less than 3 months: Non-exhaustive list that may change at any time, contact us for verification.

How to get a visa to go to Egypt? The Egyptian visa application for a French person must be submitted before departure. The applicant must go to the Egyptian consulate in France or through specialized agencies such as VISA OFFICE, the reference in France for the management of consular procedures with a view to obtaining a travel visa for Egypt.

What paper do I need to go to Egypt? The passport is not compulsory. French citizens can also enter Egypt with a national identity card; in both cases, with a validity date of at least 6 months after the date of return to France.

Who can enter Egypt without a visa? Do you need a visa to travel to Egypt? If you are French, you need a visa for this country, whatever the duration of your trip. If you are going to Egypt for a tourist trip, the tourist visa (L) is mandatory. Without it, you will not be able to enter the country.

Administrative procedures before leaving for Egypt

Leave, travel, discover new countries, new lands. Looking forward to the next vacation. But in the meantime, you have to prepare your trip and check the administrative formalities to be done before leaving.

So for go on a trip to egypt, we need: a visa

The visa is compulsory to enter Egyptian territory and whatever your origin from one of the European countries.

To apply for a visa, you must either go to the consulate or go online. The latter is the fastest and easiest solution provided you are very careful when filling out your application form.

For this particular administrative procedure, you can go to the rapidvisa.fr website. In addition to being able to apply for a visa, you will be able to find the necessary and essential information for your trip in order to prepare it well.

So the visa is compulsory whether you are a tourist or whether you are coming for a professional purpose, for a short stay as for a long stay.

Today, at the time of dematerialization, you can apply for an electronic visa or e-visa. This is valid for three months from the date of issue.

What else should you think about before going on a trip to Egypt?

It is important that you look at the expiry date of your passport. Indeed, the latter is also mandatory to visit the country of the pyramids.

Do not wait until the last minute to take care of these administrative formalities. If obtaining the visa can be done in about ten days, this is not necessarily the case for the passport. So, do not hesitate to find out about the deadlines for obtaining them from your town hall before setting the dates of the stay.

Another check to do before leaving is your vaccinations. It is important to check that you are up to date with your reminders. Certain vaccines will be recommended to you, such as hepatitis A and B, in order to have a stay under the best auspices.

The administrative formalities completed, you will be able to calmly prepare your trip by deciding what you want to visit. You will also need to find out about the customs of the country in terms of tipping, amenities… If you want to drive, you will need an international license, for example.

Your travel plan is complete, you know what to think about before leaving. Now, it’s almost time to pack your bags and fly to Egypt.