Which company for Guadeloupe

Quelle compagnie pour guadeloupe

Which company goes to Guadeloupe?

Airlines in Guadeloupe

  • Airlines serving Guadeloupe. …

What is a Martinique flight?

Book your flights to Martinique online with Air Caraïbes, the airline of the West Indies.

When to go to Guadeloupe?

You will know when to go to Guadeloupe in three different periods: a very practical period from January to March; a favorable period of December, April and May; a less favorable period from June to November.

What type of plane for Guadeloupe?

It is indeed an Air Caraïbes flight (TX540) planned in A330-200 if we are to believe the Air Caraïbes website.

A budget for Guadeloupe?

We have estimated a budget of approximately €1400 per person per week for your trip to Guadeloupe. This price corresponds to a holiday that you have organized yourself. However, you can compare prices if you prefer vacation packages.

What are the certificates for Guadeloupe?

– Papers (EU): valid identity card. Please note: if you wish to take the opportunity to travel to islands outside the French Caribbean (such as Saint-Martin), you will need a valid passport. – Best season: from December to April (dry season or fasting season). – Duration of the direct flight: 8h30.

What are the planes on Air Caraibes?

Device types A350-1000 A330-300
number of seats 429 354
cabin configuration 24 Madras 45 Caribbean 360 sun 12 Madras 35 Caribbean 307 Sun.
Specific service ORY< & gt; PTP and ORY & lt; & gt; FDF All transatlantic lines
Fleet maintenance Air France Industries / IGO solutions

Which airline belongs to the West Indians?

Which companies serve the West Indies from France?

  • Air France.
  • Air decanters.
  • XLAirways.
  • Corsair.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Guadeloupe?

Book at least 2 weeks before departure to benefit from a higher than average price. High season is July, August and September and September is the cheapest month to travel to Guadeloupe.

When to buy a plane ticket to Guadeloupe?

We recommend the month of May because it is still very warm there and there are fewer tourists. Certain dates such as December 25 or January 1 can also be interesting in terms of price.

Where to go in April to spend a day?

Where to go in April in the sun does not go far

  • Nile cruise, Egypt.
  • Tenerife, the Canary Islands.
  • Antalya, Türkiye.
  • Andalusia.

When to buy a plane ticket to Guadeloupe?

When to buy your ticket Paris – Guadeloupe (Pointe-à-Pitre) to pay the least? Statistically, the biggest savings are made by buying your plane ticket 4 to 5 months in advance. On the other hand, you risk the full price if you book 11 to 12 months in advance.