Where to rent in Martinique

Ou louer en martinique

Which hotel to choose in Martinique?

Which hotel to choose in Martinique?

Tested for you: 10 must-see hotels in Martinique

  • © Julien Ferret / EASYVOYAGE Club Med Les Boucaniers. Of course, it’s incredible to start with a Club Med, a form of hotel that will not appeal to everyone, far from it. …
  • © SERGE DETAIL The Cap-Est Lagoon Resort & Spa. …
  • © Raphael Richard Le Plein Soleil. …
  • © Gil GIUGLIO / EASYVOYAGE The Domaine Saint-Aubin.

Where to stay in Guadeloupe to visit?

Basse Terre: Sainte Rose and Deshaies Sleeping in Basse-Terre allows you to discover a wilder side of Guadeloupe. On the coast, look for a bungalow or a hotel between Deshaies and Sainte-Rose, to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the region.

What is the most beautiful hotel in Martinique?

Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & The Spa is located in the commune of François, in the elegant Cap Est district, it is undoubtedly the most luxurious hotel in Martinique.

Where to stay in Martinique for 1 week?

Where to stay in Martinique for 1 week?

Accommodation in the south of the island

  • Village Pierre & Vacances – Sainte Luce: Located by the sea, in Sainte-Luce. …
  • Brise Marine: Facing the sea, in Sainte-Luce. …
  • Hotel-Restaurant La Dunette: Located by the sea, in Sainte-Anne. …
  • Hotel Douce Vague: Located on the edge of Sainte-Luce beach.

What is your budget for 10 days in Martinique?

For your trip to Martinique, we have calculated an average budget of €1350 per person per week. This price corresponds to a stay that you have organized yourself.

Where to live in Martinique without a car?

In fact, Pointe du Bout or Anse à l’Ane in 3-Ilets can be good options without a car as you will have things in place like access to sea buses for FdF and from there some options of buses like the Jardin de Balata and the Sudlib network (very limited network, however, check the timetables).

How to come to Martinique?

How to get to Martinique If you want to get to Martinique other than by plane, the shipping company L’Express des Iles offers you, several times a week, a boat crossing between Pointe-à-Pitre and Fort-de-France . Ships dock at Saint-Pierre every Wednesday and Saturday.

What is the best season to go to Martinique?

Best time to go to Martinique The dry season from December to April is the best time to enjoy your trip to Martinique. Rainfall is low and temperatures are pleasant.

Going to Martinique to avoid Sargassum?

Sargassum-free beaches

  • The preacher: Anse Couleuvre & AMP; Anse Ceron.
  • Rivière-Pilote: Anse Figuier.
  • Trois-Ilets: Anse à l’Âne, Anse Dufour & amp; Anse Noire.
  • Les Anses d’Arlet: Grande Anse and Petite Anse. Etc.

How to find accommodation in Martinique?

How to find accommodation in Martinique?

Remote survey. Of course, being remote, the internet will be your best ally to find accommodation in Martinique, whether it is an apartment, a studio, a house or a shared apartment. Sites like DOMimmo, Fnaim, Le97.fr or even Seloger are a good start.

How to find cheap accommodation in Martinique?

How to find cheap accommodation in Martinique? Obviously, I recommend camping to pay as little as possible. Some owners offer a plot of their garden for a few euros for you to pitch your tent. Negotiate with him for access to bathrooms and his kitchen.

What is the difference between Guadeloupe and Martinique?

Guadeloupe is larger than Martinique: it has the shape of a large butterfly and extends over the sea in an archipelago of islands, each one more beautiful than the other. Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre form the main island, surrounded by Saintes, Marie-Galante and Désirade. Its capital is Pointe-à-Pitre.

When are you going to Martin Backpacker?

The best time to visit Martinique is winter, from December to April. It is from February to April that the precipitation will be less and that the heat will be the most bearable.

Where to stay in Martinique?

Where to stay in Martinique?

Sainte-Anne and the South Atlantic Sainte-Anne and the South Atlantic coast offer visitors a wild coastline, arid plains and beautiful Creole villages. This is an ideal area to sleep in Martinique if you want to enjoy the beach away from the crowds.

Where to stay to visit the north of Martinique?

Where to sleep in Martinique?

  • Studio Grand’Rivière (2 nights) booked on Air BNB.
  • Sainte Marie (3 nights) homestay via Air BNB in ​​a beautiful colonial house (below).
  • Trois Ilets (4 nights) at the Bakoua hotel in the south of the island.

Where to see hummingbirds in Martinique?

Hummingbird and Tarantula Paradise – Balata Garden

  • The Caribbean.
  • Martinique.
  • District of Fort-de-France.
  • Fort of France.
  • Fort de France – Activities.
  • Balata Garden.

Where to look for hummingbirds?

The hummingbird lives only in America It lives only on the American continent, both in North and South America. It is thus found in a wide variety of environments, ranging from arid regions, to plains, through high mountains and virgin forests.

Where to see birds in Martinique?

In the forest you can see most of the passerines present on the islands. A path crosses the pond of Martinique. From this place you can see waterfowl, seagulls, gray herons, common terns, as well as a colony of black-headed gulls and Bonaparte’s gulls.