Where to eat in Martinique

Ou manger a la martinique

Where to eat lobster in Martinique?

Restaurant Chez Valy Pêcheur in Anses d’Arlet (Martinique) I recommend the restaurant Chez Valy Pêcheur in Anses d’Arlet (Martinique).

Best conch – Le Nautilux

  • The Caribbean.
  • Martinique.
  • Sailor district.
  • Saint-Luce.
  • Sainte-Luce restaurants.
  • The Nautilux.

You can even find it in the Fort de France market, for example, especially the Sainte Anne market in the south of the island! North of the town of Belle Fontaine live the kings of tuna and marlin (notably Tintin and his fishermen). Lobsters can also be ordered there.

  • The metropolis which also serves as a restaurant.
  • The Kano, Pointe du Bout, Trois Ilets.
  • Ti Sable, Sunday evening during the concerts.
  • Chez Fredo, small Anse d’Arlets. Local atmosphere guaranteed! You can also eat on site.

Where to eat local in Martinique?

The Beach Grill Restaurant – The quality of the food and the service are excellent. On the meat side, the ribs are a treat, and on the sea side you will find what you are looking for with a wide variety of fish including the famous grilled Beach Grill lobster which I think was voted the best lobster in all of Martinique!

The schnapper, king on our plates The schnapper is a king fish, you will have no problem trying it on the menu of any restaurant in Martinique. The most common is the red snapper, which can weigh up to 15 kilos for the largest ones. Its semi-fat and firm meat is appreciated by all.

11 delicious restaurants in Martinique

  • 1) The shell is at Case Driver (a)…
  • 2) The steel pan in Fort-de-France. …
  • 3) Agua na Boca in Fort-de-France. …
  • 4) The Dome in Fort-de-France. …
  • 5) O buckwheat in sailor. …
  • 6) The restaurant at the Plein Soleil hotel in Francois. …
  • 7) The appendix to the sailor. …
  • 8) Manatee Sushi Wave.

Best bars in Martinique

  • The Cloud, Fort-de-France. Le Cloud is a must-see bar because it is the only rooftop in Martinique! …
  • The Coco Bar, La Pointe du Bout. This atypical bar is located in the Bakoua hotel. …
  • The popular garage, Fort-de-France. …
  • The Wahoo Cafe, The Carbet.

Where to eat conch in Martinique?