Where is the lezarde jump in Guadeloupe

Ou se trouve le saut de la lezarde en guadeloupe

Where is the blue basin in Guadeloupe?

The Bassin Bleu, on the river Le Galion, is located in the town of Gourbeyre at an altitude of 620 meters in the heart of the tropical forest. This very beautiful basin is appreciated by lovers of freshwater swimming. Plus, it’s deep enough to allow for a few jumps or minor dives.

Where to swim in the river in Guadeloupe?

On the way to discover the beautiful waterfalls and rivers of Guadeloupe

  • Falls of Moreau, Goyave.
  • South of Acomat, Pointe-Noire.
  • Paradise Waterfall, Old Dwellers.
  • Caillou River, Pointe-Noire.
  • Blue basin, Gourbeyre.
  • River Ferry.
  • River Bois Malaise, boiling.
  • Paradise, Capesterre Belle-eau.

How to get to the blue eye Martinique?

Blue Eye, a unique natural pool in Martinique

  • Duration: 1 hour to 2 hours round trip.
  • Distance: 4 km round trip (shortest route via Cap Ferré)
  • How to arrive? Cap Macré: follow the N6 towards Marin, after passing the Marin gendarmerie, turn left towards the beach of Cap Macré. …
  • Additional information: Dangerous in case of swelling.

How to access the lezarde jump?

Access to the hiking trail is through the courtyard adjacent to the restaurant, which is no longer in use. There are a few parking spaces in the yard.