What is the currency in Martinique

Quelle est la monnaie en martinique

What budget should I plan for a trip to Martinique?

The dry season from December to April is the best time to enjoy a trip to Martinique.

Read also: Martiniquans earn an average of €2,416 net per month, or €28,994 net per year.

Book at least 5 weeks before departure to get a lower than average price. The main season is January, November and December, and September is the cheapest month to travel to Martinique.

In Martinique, the currency is the euro. Thus, the currency used to pay for the purchase is the euro (€). If you plan to go on a trip to the neighboring islands during your vacation, the same will be true for Guadeloupe, which is also part of the overseas departments.

What is the official currency of Guadeloupe?

The cost of living in Guadeloupe is higher than on the mainland, with an average of 12.5%. We know, everyone has already heard of it, in the French West Indies everything costs more and it is difficult to say the opposite.

The euro thus becomes the successor to the European unit of account (ECU). Old currency banknotes and coins are legal tender until euro banknotes and coins are introduced on 1 January 2002.

For your trip to Guadeloupe we have estimated a budget of around €1400 per person per week. This price corresponds to a stay that you have organized yourself. However, you can compare prices if you prefer packages.

Agriculture and fishing out of breath In the past, the cultivation of sugar cane (converted to rum and sugar) and bananas was the wealth of Guadeloupe. Today, these two traditional sectors have come to an end and public subsidies are continuously flowing into them.

What is the currency of Reunion Island?

Count from 2100 euros per person for an intense week in the Wild South, with activities planned every day: hiking, kayaking, ULM, diving… ¦ Count from 2170 euros per person for a top duo 100% Creole: Reunion and small Rodrigues , pearl Mascarena.

Compared to the statistical average price, the months of March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November, January and February are the least expensive to travel to Reunion.

What is the currency of Guyana?

For Guyana, these languages ​​are: – Guyanese Creole – Neng(e) in its three components: Aluku, Ndyuka, Pamaka – Saamaka – Six American languages: Arawak (or Lokono), Émérillon (or Teko), Kali’na, palikur (or pahikhwene), wayana, wayampi – hmong map 3 find their location