Non-essential travel authorized from April 19: what are the rules?

Les voyages non essentiels autorisés dès le 19 avril: quelles sont les règles?

The rules are the same as the rules that existed before banning illegal travel.

Posted on 04/18/2021 13:46

The ban on non-essential travel to Europe in June ends on April 19. As for travel outside the Union, European rules remain in force. A good travel counselor stays with the school for the most important trips.

The rules for leaving

The rules for leaving

That said, the travel ban has been lifted and will now be “replaced by regulatory regulation” of investigation and quarantine obligations with respect to returning from places deemed unsafe (for now, all countries in the EU). EU and the Schengen area are red and rarely exempt, mainly regional). It is not prohibited to travel to or from territories outside the EU.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has advised Persian travelers to register with TravelOnline.

Travelers must respect the laws of the country in which they are staying. Some countries have PCR tests, others up to 40 – rules that are often adjusted and updated on the State Department website.

The rules for the return

The rules for the return

Travelers must fill in the passenger locator form 48 hours before their arrival in Belgium.

Upon return, travelers must follow an administrative regime of probation and quarantine. The first test should be done on the first day of return/quarantine and the second test on day 7. The passenger ticket will allow the police to identify people who have not been tested or when returning. Anyone who does not comply with the corona risk assessment rules will be fined 250 euros.

If the 7-day test fails, the quarantine may end. If he is good, the traveler must stay at home for 10 days.