Living in retirement with 1000 euros: discover the ideal destinations!

Vivre à la retraite avec 1000 euros : découvrez les destinations idéales !

Living in retirement with 1000 euros: discover the ideal destinations!

For those who want to make the most of their retirement and only have $1,000 to spend, the good news is that great travel destinations currently exist for anyone looking for an affordable vacation.

In this article, we present the ideal countries that offer the best for people with a limited budget, giving them all the advantages to take full advantage of every penny.


Portugal is one of the best destinations for those who want to savor retirement at a very reasonable price. It is an excellent choice if they are looking for beaches, superb landscapes and very mild temperatures.

All Portuguese cities and especially Lisbon and Porto are very affordable, but others like Évora are even cheaper. Hostels and house rentals are very inexpensive here, making it a great choice for visitors on a budget.

With a budget of 1000 euros per month, you will have access to excellent offers in restaurants and cafes, as well as activities organized by travel agencies such as All this with very reasonable prices and discounts that you can access when traveling in a group.

Greece is one of the most legendary and popular destinations. Usually very expensive, there are ways to reduce the price of your trip and enjoy it at an affordable price. Its warm climate and ancient cities make this country a perfect destination for those looking to explore and rest.

Greece has thousands of hotels, guesthouses and small apartments that stretch along the Mediterranean coast and their prices are very low for those who book in advance. You can find fillers on sites like Gold that will help you get the best possible value.

In addition, Greece is a very homely country whose many islands offer local food materials that can be collected relatively easily and do not require too much expense.

Living in retirement on 1000 euros can seem like an impossible mission. However, it is possible to find destinations that offer a high quality of life at affordable prices. According 5 Countries where you can live for less than 1500e per month, Morocco, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia and Portugal are ideal destinations for retirees seeking sun and affordable beaches for their holidays. These countries offer food products and services at very affordable prices and a superior quality of life. In addition, retirees will be able to take advantage of the varied cultural activities and benefits offered to seniors. Living in retirement with 1000 euros can be achieved if you choose your destination well.

Destination comparison

Destination comparison

To make it easier to choose where to retire, we’ve put together the main highlights of the above destinations in the table below.

PortugalAffordableWalks, BeachesRestaurants, Cafes
GreeceAffordableAncient cities, MediterraneanLocal products

In conclusion, Portugal and Greece are ideal places for retirees looking for a place to enjoy their retirement on a budget. The culture, the beauty of the landscapes and the reasonable prices of these countries make them an affordable and perfect destination for those who want to spend a romantic and unforgettable vacation.