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This language appeared more than 1500 years ago. Over time, he had a great influence on the world, especially in areas such as science and poetry. On December 18, World Arabic Language Day is celebrated.

How old is the Arabic language?

How old is the Arabic language?
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Modern Standard Arabic originated at the beginning of the 19th century in Egypt, after the introduction of modern printing and book publishing. It was adopted by North African countries a century and a half later. It is the written language common to all Arabic-speaking countries.

The first Arabic inscriptions engraved in stone date from the 4th century. At that time, Arabic was mainly spoken, but only by a few nomadic tribes in the Arabian desert. Then, around the year 600, it spread to the Middle East, to the shores of the Mediterranean and to North Africa.

The number language Speakers (millions)
1 Algerian Arabic 29.3
two Chadian Arabic 1.56
3 Bedawi Arabic 1.92
4 arabic egyptian 64.5

Quranic Arabic is the state of the Arabic language used in the Quran. Quranic studies are concerned with Arabic or non-previous literature, contemporary or subsequent to the development of the Quran, in the historical context of the time when the Quran appeared, with the literary analysis of the current text of the Quran. ..

When did the French language appear? Due to the evolution from Low Latin and Vulgar Latin to Gallo-Roman during the first millennium of the Christian era, French, the royal language, became a legal and administrative language with the ordinance of Villers-Cotterêts in 1539.

What language does Allah speak? And the Koran? Gabriel gives it in Arabic: it is Arabic pronounced which is the language of revelation here and it is forbidden to deviate from it.

How to greet in Moroccan?

How to greet in Moroccan?
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To say “hello in literary Arabic”, we will say “as salamou aleykoum” (ا٠„سٌَل ام ٠عَ٠„َيْ٠ƒÙ Ù … Ù ‘) to either a man or a woman. Although this phrase actually means “Peace be upon you”, it is used to greet each other between Muslims. Answering this formula is very simple.

Essalamo 3alikom Note: This greeting is sometimes reduced to a simple “essalam”. How are you? كي Ø¯Ø§ÙŠØ ± ØŸ كي Ø¯Ø§ÙŠØ ± Ø © ØŸ

Essential Expressions ا٠„ØªØ¹Ø§Ø¨ÙŠØ ± ال Ø £ Ø³Ø§Ø³ÙŠØ ©
1 good morning ا٠„سل ام assalam
two good night Ù… سا Ù „Ø®ÙŠØ ± msa lkhir
3 Farewell بس٠„ام Ù ‡ bslama
4 See you من بعد men baed

How to say “I love you” in Moroccan

  • In Morocco, instead of literary Arabic, we will use the local Darija dialect for expressions of love. …
  • Kanbghik or kanemout alik seems to be the most popular Arabic version of saying “I love you”.
French Arabic
sorry Smahli
Farewell Bsslama
Welcome Marhba
Thank you so much) Shukran (shukran bezaf)

How do you say thank you in Morocco? Thank you in Algerian: Choukran. Thank you in Moroccan: Choukran.

How do you say hello in Berber? Say the classic hello. Greet someone with “As-salam alaykom X Search Source”. This formal and basic greeting can be used to greet a woman or a man in the vast majority of social situations. Literally translated, this formula means peace be with you.

Where is Arabic spoken?

Where is Arabic spoken?
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Korean has more than 1,100,000 words, French 270,000 and Arabic 60,000.

Speakers (millions)4

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Speakers (millions)7

How to say hello in Morocco?

How to say hello in Morocco?
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Speakers (millions)8

Speakers (millions)9

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