How to live in Guadeloupe

Comment vivre en guadeloupe

Is Guadeloupe dangerous?

Criminal mortality exceeds Marseille or Corsica. The tourist is not afraid of anything, provided he respects certain rules. 42 is not (fortunately) the air temperature in the West Indies, but unfortunately the latest criminal mortality figure in Guadeloupe this year.

Which vaccine should go to Guadeloupe?

Recommended vaccines Diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, hepatitis A and B, whooping cough (if re-examination in adults, even in France, justifies vaccination for any trip).

What are the dangerous animals in Guadeloupe?

Someone who stings, who bites, who has a deadly poison, but there are no dangerous animals in Guadeloupe! … Of course, there are unfriendly creatures in Guadeloupe:

  • snakes, but not poisonous.
  • centipede or centipede. …
  • mosquito.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Guadeloupe?

The high season is in July, August and September, and September is the cheapest month to travel to Guadeloupe.

What salary to live well in Guadeloupe?

See also: Guadeloupeans earn an average of 2,448 net per month, or 2,9377 net per year.

What is the minimum wage in Guadeloupe?

€10.25 in mainland France, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon instead of €10.03 currently; €7.74 in Mayotte.

What is the most beautiful city in Guadeloupe?

Sainte-Anne is undoubtedly the tourist capital of Guadeloupe. Whether on Caravelle beach or on the central beach, the scenario is the same: palm trees, white sand, shallow turquoise water, and in the background the majestic scenery of Soufrière and the mountains of Basse-Terre. Earth …

Why move to Guadeloupe?

Living in Guadeloupe supposes a limitation: not having a problem with the heat. Temperatures vary between 20 and 30 degrees throughout the year! When this condition is met, the paradisiacal landscapes, the magnificent sunsets and the sports activities are yours.

Why go to Guadeloupe?

It is for them that Guadeloupe owes the name of Karukéra, ” the island with magnificent waters & quot; in the Caribbean language. In November 1493, the Spanish navigator Christopher Columbus landed in Sainte-Marie, on the island he called Guadeloupe, in reference to the convent of Santa Maria de Guadalupe in Extremadura.

What are the assets of Guadeloupe?

Firstly, the region has remarkable physical and natural assets: soil quality, favorable rainfall, climatic generosity make it a region rich in agricultural potential; the beauty and the flora of the territory constitute a natural heritage receptive to many visitors, …

Why choose Guadeloupe?

Reason #1: a destination: 5 islands to discover Wild, mountainous and volcanic, Basse-Terre is the ideal place for hiking. Next door, Grande-Terre, is the most touristic of the Guadeloupe islands with its heavenly landscapes, casinos and nightclubs.

Where do you live in Guadeloupe?

The best known towns in Guadeloupe are Le Gosier, Sainte-Anne and Saint François on Grande Terre, and Sainte Rose and Deshaies on Basse Terre, Petit-Bourg, in particular Baie Mahault where much of the economic activity is concentrated with the largest industrial areas of France.

In which neighborhood to live in Guadeloupe?

Saint-Claude, Basse-Terre, Trois-Rivières, Vieux Fort, Morne Rouge, Deshaies, Bouillante, Petit Bourg and Sainte-Rose are the largest municipalities.

What is expensive in Guadeloupe?

We can estimate that the average budget per person is between 1000 and 1500 euros per week. This price applies to a planned stay without an agency. In fact, organized tours are often more expensive. This budget includes the rental of a car which is almost essential to discover Guadeloupe.

What to do in Guadeloupe

Top 10 of the most sought-after jobs (excluding seasonal workers) in Guadeloupe in 2019

  • Unskilled construction workers (545)
  • Office secretaries and related (442)
  • Various administrative agents (350)
  • Housekeepers (311)
  • Pawnbrokers (311)
  • Caregivers (304)
  • Masons (297)