How to choose a travel destination

Comment  Choisir une destination de voyage

Europe so you don’t get too confused on your first trip. If you don’t want to go too far, Spain or Italy are yours. Spain, the southernmost point, is accessible by car.

Where to spend 1 week in France?

Where to spend 1 week in France?
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# Naha Easy
1 Czech Republic 118 €
2 Tunisia 361 €
3 kalakuni 411 €
4 Spain 415 €

  • Go to Dubai, the opportunity to break the clichés!
  • Tanzania, a tourist destination for safari or Zanzibar coast.
  • Lofoten is a Norwegian island, a destination for 2021.
  • Sultanate of Oman, nature and beautiful outdoor setting.
  • Iceland, the perfect place for summer 2021?

Can we go alone on holiday in France? – Paris and Lille are the best cities you can visit as a traveler. Places, restaurants and museums will be at the top of the list in Paris while confidence will be on the agenda in Lille where you will meet a group of friends anywhere.

Where to go for a cheap holiday this summer in France? For those who would like to take a quiet bath this summer, head for the Occitan coast, where the swimming pools are affordable: 1,057 euros in Barcarès and around 1,200 euros in Leucate or Saint-Cyprien.

Where to go in 2021?

Where to go in 2021?
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Where to go in the summer of 2021 in Europe?. If you are looking for a day trip, you can enjoy countries such as Italy and its islands, Spain and its islands, Croatia, Greece and its islands, Malta or Portugal. Too many places with heavenly beaches also give you a relaxing and restful vacation.