How to avoid car accidents

Comment  Éviter les accidents de voiture

To put yourself or other road users at risk in the best possible way, good repeat offenses must be accepted. In the event of an accident, remember three essential words: protection, warning, assistance.

How can I protect myself from the dangers of the road?

How can I protect myself from the dangers of the road?
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For drugs, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin or even LSD are a major danger for the road. They can lead to recurrent loss, decreased alertness, impaired awareness of hazards, and loss of concepts of speed and distance.

Look left, right, then left again before crossing. Do not run or play on the side of the road. Don’t walk on the side of the road. Watch out for passing cars on the sidewalk (exits from garages or car parks, for example)

What are the causes of road accidents? Most frequent human causes: blood alcohol level and speed are respectively present in 31% and 25% of fatal accidents, fatigue or drowsiness are associated with almost 8% of fatal accidents. Traction is also a human factor in road accidents.

How to avoid pedestrian accidents? – look left and right, then left again, before entering the road to find any vehicles; – cross while walking and never run, to avoid any risk of falling on the road.

How to look before crossing? You have to be visible. Before crossing, always check that the road is clear, by first looking left (direction of arrival of the vehicle) then right and remaining vigilant (keep looking left and right).

How not to die in the car?

How not to die in the car?
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While it is true that an injured person can damage the spinal cord and permanently paralyze or even die, there are cases where, if we do not act quickly before help arrives, the death of the victim will be inevitable.

Take a deep breath and get some fresh air in the vehicle, then unlock the door closest to you. When the car is full of water, the pressure inside and outside will balance and the door can be opened.

According to a study by the National Safety Council of the United States, one in 85 people is at risk of dying in a car accident. One in 623 chance of being hit by a car while crossing a street.

“If the car is autonomous to cause deaths, it must minimize the number; it should prioritize the protection of human life over animal life; if there are children, they should be the first to be protected. “

How to react in the face of a road accident? 112: European number to contact the emergency services. This number must be memorized and contacted as a priority in the event of an accident. 15: this number is the SAMU (emergency medical assistance service) 18: contact the fire brigade.

How to get out of a fallen car? All you have to do is pass through the glass. Even the electric windows can be opened underwater. The electronic system should continue to operate for at least 10 minutes after immersion in water. Of course, if it is not open, you must try to break it.

What is the most dangerous mode of transport in the world? Given these data, it is not surprising that the car remains the riskiest mode of transport. Every year, road accidents cause more than 4,000 deaths in France, and the plane kills about 600 people… in the world! That is about three per country.

How to survive a car accident?

How to survive a car accident?
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You must alert the emergency services by dialing 18 or 112. You must keep your cool and be as precise as possible: Describe the place of the accident (direction of the accident, name of the road â € ) (fire , suspicious smell, car fell into the water…).

Overcoming trauma after a road accident

  • The trauma. …
  • Immediate psychological help is recommended. …
  • The next few days: consult a psychologist. …
  • Therapy helps to process the trauma. …
  • Hemolytics or antidepressants can help.
  • Provide strong support in the event of an accident.

Try to limit your reaction as much as possible. Don’t hit the brakes or stray off course. This can be dangerous for you as well as for the vehicles around you. Do your best to stay on track and not behave unpredictably.

What is the right action in case of an accident? Comfort and cover the victim while you wait for help. In any case, inform a person in charge: Even in the event of a minor accident (not a life-threatening emergency) a person in charge must be informed, it is up to him to decide what to do. In case of doubt, it is recommended to seek medical advice from SAMU (15).

How to recover from a road accident?. After a traffic accident, you should immediately seek psychological help. Even if the victim does not seem to have any problems, a pharmacological device should be applied immediately. The person must be accompanied by a team of psychiatrists and psychologists.

How to jump out of a Wikihow car?. Remove the brake lights. You may need to swipe or open a panel to access it. Once you have access to it, rip out any wires you find there. Then try pushing or tapping the lights to knock them out of the vehicle.

How can accidents be avoided?

How can accidents be avoided?
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How to prevent?. It is therefore necessary to organize and follow a preventive approach, to prioritize and plan over time the actions to be taken, and to regularly assess the effectiveness of these actions. It is also planned to promote prevention activities.

Is the single document mandatory? The individual risk assessment document (DUER) is mandatory in all companies as soon as the first employee is hired. The DUER must list the occupational risks incurred by workers and the resulting prevention and protection actions.