Surfing and water sports Polynesia

Introduction to Surfing and Water Sports Polynesia

French Polynesia is a real paradise for water sports enthusiasts, especially those who are passionate about surfing. Its fine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and impressive waves make this destination a favorite spot for fans of surfing and other water activities. In this article, we offer you an overview of the different possibilities available to you in terms of Surfing and water sports Polynesia.

The best destinations for surfing in Polynesia

It is important to know the most famous surf spots in Polynesia for an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the best spots not to be missed:

1. Tahiti : Without a doubt, the most famous of the Polynesian islands, Tahiti is also famous for its spectacular waves. The best known is Teahupoo, a powerful, tubular wave that attracts experienced surfers from all over the world.

2. Moorea : Located only 17 kilometers from Tahiti, Moorea also offers some interesting surf spots, including Haapiti and Afareaitu, which offer great waves for intermediate level surfers.

3. Huahine : This less touristy island offers some quality surf spots, including Avapeihi and Fitii, perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers.

4. Raiatea : If you are looking for calmer waves suitable for beginners, you can opt for Te Ava Piti, one of the best beginner spots in Raiatea.

The equipment to take to practice surfing in Polynesia

Before setting off on an adventure on the Polynesian waves, it is crucial to equip yourself with the right equipment to fully enjoy your stay. Here are some essentials to take with you:

– A surfboard adapted to your level and the conditions of the chosen destination

– Safety accessories such as a leash and a helmet

– A rashguard and a jumpsuit to protect you from the sun and irritation

– Water resistant sunscreen

Other water sports to discover in Polynesia

In addition to surfing, Polynesia offers a multitude of other water sports for thrill seekers. Here are some popular activities to experience during your stay:

The paddle board : Also called stand-up paddle, this sport consists of standing on a surfboard and using a paddle to move through the water. This can be practiced on flat water or by taking small waves to add a little challenge.

kitesurfing : This sport combines surfing and kite flying and allows the surfer to use the force of the wind to move quickly on the water and perform spectacular aerial tricks.

Scuba diving : With its rich and colorful coral reefs, Polynesia is a paradise for divers. Many diving schools are available to introduce you to the discovery of the seabed and discover an exceptional aquatic fauna.

Snorkeling : If scuba diving intimidates you, snorkeling (fins, mask and tuba) is a more accessible alternative to explore the underwater wonders of Polynesia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When is the best time to go surfing in Polynesia?

The ideal season for surfing in Polynesia varies depending on the islands, but in general, the period from May to September is favorable for experienced surfers looking for big waves. For beginners, the months of October to April offer calmer conditions, conducive to learning.

2. Do I need to have previous experience to practice surfing in Polynesia?

It is not necessary to have previous experience to learn to surf in Polynesia. The surf schools present on the islands offer courses adapted to all levels, from beginners to confirmed surfers.

3. Is it possible to rent surf equipment on site?

Yes, you can rent surf equipment directly on the beaches or from the surf schools present on the islands.

4. Are water sports accessible to all age groups in Polynesia?

Most water sports are accessible for a wide range of age groups, starting around 8 years old. However, some activities, such as surfing on big waves, are reserved for people with experience or suitable supervision.

In conclusion, Polynesia is a dream destination for lovers of surfing and water sports. Its crystal clear waters, its fine sandy beaches and its heavenly landscapes offer you an exceptional setting to indulge in your favorite activities and experience unforgettable moments.