Typical Polynesian drinks and cocktails

French Polynesia is a French overseas territory located in the southern Pacific Ocean. This archipelago is made up of 118 islands divided into five groups: the Society Islands, the Tuamotus, the Gambiers, the Marquesas and the Australs. One of the great pleasures of traveling to French Polynesia is discovering the delicious drinks and cocktails typical of this heavenly region. French Polynesia is famous for its associations with the rum, THE pineapple and the coconuts, which is reflected in its popular drinks.

In this article, we will explore the typical drinks and cocktails of French Polynesia, from the ubiquitous rum-based cocktail to the traditional indigenous drink that is the kava.

Rum-based drinks and cocktails

Rum is arguably the most famous alcoholic beverage in French Polynesia. Made from sugar cane, rum is a staple ingredient in various tasty Polynesian cocktails. Here are some of the most popular cocktails you could taste during your stay in Polynesia.

Mai Thai

The Mai Tai is a famous cocktail originating from California and has become a must in French Polynesia. Made of rum, juice lime, orgeat liqueur, pineapple juice and triple sec, this cocktail is a mix of sweet and tangy flavors, ideal for cooling off on the beach. Bora Bora.

Royal Pineapple

Ananas Royal is another refreshing rum-based drink. It’s made of french white rum, of pineapple juice fresh, lime and orange soda. It’s all served in a hollowed-out pineapple, making for an impressive presentation on beach parties.

Coco Loco

As its name suggests, Coco Loco is a cocktail made from coconut which absolutely must be tried in French Polynesia. The mixture of white rum and dark rum, coconut cream and lime juice create a creamy and refreshing drink that will appeal to coconut lovers.

Kava: the traditional Polynesian drink

In addition to rum-based cocktails, French Polynesia has a traditional drink called le kava. Kava is a herbal drink that is prepared from the root of a plant called Piper methysticum or kava-kava. THE kava has psychoactive and relaxing effects; it is consumed during traditional ceremonies as well as to relax in society.

Kava is a cultural and relaxing beverage consumed across French Polynesia. It is made from the root of the Piper methysticum plant, and has psychoactive and relaxing effects.

To consume with moderation

While it’s tempting to enjoy a cocktail or two while soaking up the sun and beaches in French Polynesia, it’s essential to remember moderation with alcohol consumption. Rum drinks can be particularly strong, and it’s easy to drink more than intended without realizing it. Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid consuming too much alcohol.

In conclusion

French Polynesia is famous for its exotic tropical drinks and cocktails, many of which are made from rum, pineapple And coconut. When you arrive, you will surely want to try these delicious typical Polynesian cocktails, such as Mai Tai, Royal Pineapple and Coco Loco. Also, don’t forget to immerse yourself in Polynesian culture by tasting the traditional drink that is kava during your stay. However, don’t forget to consume alcoholic beverages in moderation and to stay hydrated to fully enjoy your adventure in French Polynesia. Health !