The Australs

Located about 600 km south of Tahiti, the austral islands are a true little-known gem in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. This archipelago, which is an integral part of French Polynesia, offers a total change of scenery with its postcard landscapes and its cultural and historical richness. In this article, we are going to explore this magnificent Polynesian region, zooming in on its geography, its climate, its fauna and flora and the tourist activities to be practiced there.

Geography of the Austral Islands

I’Austral archipelago is made up of six main islands as well as numerous islets and atolls. It is part of French Polynesia, which is a set of five archipelagos located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Here is a short presentation of the main islands of the archipelago.

1. Tubai : this island, located about 640 km south of Tahiti, is the largest of the archipelago. It is characterized by its luxuriant nature and its mountainous relief. Tubuai is also famous for its vanilla, whose aroma is considered one of the finest and most subtle in the world.

2. Rurutu : located about 570 km south of Tahiti, Rurutu is an island of volcanic origin, with high cliffs and caves formed by erosion. It is particularly known for its archaeological remains and sacred sites, which testify to the importance of Polynesian history.

3. Raivavae : this small island, located about 740 km south of Tahiti, is often nicknamed the “Bora Bora of the Australs” because of the beauty of its landscapes. It is distinguished by its lagoon and its sumptuous motu, these small islets of sand and coral that surround the main island.

4. Rimatara : the smallest of the inhabited islands of the archipelago, Rimatara is about 550 km south of Tahiti. It is famous for its tifaifai, these magnificent traditional bedspreads made of colorful patchwork.

5. Maria Islands : this uninhabited archipelago is made up of four coral islets and an atoll. It is located about 450 km southeast of Rurutu and is a protected nature reserve.

Climate of the Australs

THE climate of the Austral Islands is of the tropical type, with warm and pleasant temperatures throughout the year. However, it is important to note that these islands are more exposed to the trade winds and experience a more marked rainy season than the other archipelagos of French Polynesia.

The dry season, which generally extends from May to October, is the ideal time to visit the Austral Islands. The climate is then drier and sunny, with occasional showers. On the other hand, the rainy season, which runs from November to April, is marked by wetter and variable weather, with more frequent and heavy rainfall.

The natural heritage of the Austral Islands is of great wealth. In particular, there is endemic fauna and flora, that is to say species that are found nowhere else in the world. Among the emblematic animals of these islands, we can mention the Austral petrel, a seabird that nests on the cliffs of Rurutu, or the Rimatara parakeet, a species of colorful parrot that is only present on this island.

In terms of flora, the Austral Islands are also home to remarkable species, such as the tiare apetahi, an endemic flower of Raivavae whose shape evokes the Polynesian symbol of the open hand.

The Austral Islands, an enchanting archipelago with unique natural and cultural riches, is a real jewel of French Polynesia. Located more than 600 km south of Tahiti, these preserved islands offer a total change of scenery and an invitation to escape in a heavenly setting. It is difficult to resist their call, as they promise an unforgettable experience for those wishing to get off the beaten track and discover the hidden treasures of this part of the world.

Each of the five main islands of the archipelago – Raivavae, Tubuai, Rurutu, Rimatara and Rapa – has its own character and specificities, offering a variety of landscapes and activities for travelers in search of disconnection, adventure or contemplation. Between white sand beaches, green peaks and enchanting lagoons, a change of scenery is guaranteed in the heart of this still preserved nature. A paradise for divers, lovers of marine fauna and flora will be delighted by exploring the exceptional reefs and crystal clear waters of these islands.

According to the official website of the The Austral Islands, a marvel of French Polynesia to discover without delay., the archipelago is also rich in a unique cultural heritage, which reflects the encounter between ancestral traditions and external influences. Here, the inhabitants live in harmony and the Polynesian culture is omnipresent, for the greatest pleasure of immersing yourself in an authentic experience. Dances, songs, crafts, cooking, sports, marae – the Australs offer unsuspected cultural riches to discover and share with these men and women proud of their heritage.

In addition to the natural and cultural attractions, the Australs seduce by their accessibility and their tourist offer. Several airlines serve the islands, while the accommodations, whether we are talking about family pensions or more luxurious establishments, offer comfort and conviviality to fully enjoy your stay. The Austral Islands undeniably have everything to seduce and all you have to do is pack your bags to discover these Polynesian treasures.

The Austral Islands offer a multitude of activities for travelers looking for a change of scenery and adventure. Among the essentials, we can mention:

– swimming and water sports (diving, snorkeling, kayaking, etc.) in the crystal clear lagoons of the islands;

– hiking and trekking on trails that cross the mountains and lush forests of the archipelago;

– the discovery of archaeological and historical sites, such as the marae (Polynesian temples) or the remains of the old prison of Rurutu;

– participation in festivals and cultural events, such as dance and singing contests or va’a (outrigger canoe) competitions;

– the observation of humpback whales, which come to breed in the waters of the Austral Islands between July and October.

Located in French Polynesia, the Australs are a paradise archipelago whose breathtaking beauty and rich culture attract thousands of visitors each year. Composed of five main islands, Tubuai, Raivavae, Rapa, Rimatara and Rurutu, as well as several atolls, the Australs offer a unique blend of seascapes and mountains, home to flora and fauna as diverse as they are endemic.

Surrounded by crystal clear waters, the white sand beaches of the Austral Islands are a true haven of peace for nature lovers and adventurers looking to get away from it all. It is also one of the best places in the world to practice scuba diving and discover a multicolored and majestic marine life, whether in the relatively calm waters where the turtles take refuge, or in the rough passages where the rays Manta and sharks roam the depths.

If the natural aspect is impressive, the authentic dimension of the archipelago is also found in the local culture, still largely preserved from the impact of tourism. The inhabitants, who live mainly from fishing, agriculture and crafts, thus perpetuate their ancestral customs and are renowned for their warm welcome. In the same spirit, the accommodation offered often respects the Polynesian tradition, by offering wooden bungalows right on the sand, without forgetting the meals concocted with local products, such as Tahitian-style raw fish or bananas with milk. coconut.

THE Austral, it is also an important meeting place for water sports enthusiasts: every year, a surfing, canoe and paddle festival attracts many competitors and spectators. But that’s not all: the aerial view of the archipelago offers an incomparable spectacle, especially when flying over in a microlight.

In short, the Austral Islands are an ideal destination for visitors in search of authenticity, tranquility and discovery of nature. A mix of intense emotions and well-being that places this archipelago among the most beautiful jewels of French Polynesia. So, don’t wait any longer, let yourself be tempted by the charms of the Austral Islands!

How to get to the Austral Islands?

To reach the Austral Islands from mainland France, you must first take a flight to Tahiti. Then, several local airlines offer regular connections between Tahiti and the main islands of the archipelago: Tubuai, Rurutu, Raivavae and Rimatara.

Once there, it is possible to move between the islands by plane, boat or outrigger canoe, depending on availability and weather conditions.


The Austral Islands are a real paradise for travelers looking for a change of scenery and authenticity. Their natural, cultural and historical wealth makes them a destination of choice to discover the real Polynesia, far from the beaten track. So don’t hesitate any longer and set sail for the Australs for an unforgettable trip to the heart of the Pacific!