Vacation rentals and homestays French Polynesia

French Polynesia, a group of 118 islands and atolls spread across the Pacific Ocean, is a dream destination for lovers of the beach, sun and heavenly landscapes. If you are looking for an authentic and friendly experience during your stay in Polynesia, the best option is to stay with locals. In this article, we bring you the ultimate guide to vacation rentals and homestays in French Polynesia, with a selection of the best accommodations, advice for your stay, and much more.

The advantages of vacation rentals and homestays in French Polynesia

Choosing homestay accommodation in Polynesia has several advantages:

  • An authentic experience: By staying with the locals, you live to the rhythm of the Polynesians and share their daily life. This allows you to discover their customs, their cuisine and their ways of life.
  • Savings : homestays are often cheaper than hotels and guesthouses. In addition, they generally offer decreasing rates for long-term stays.
  • Personalized advice: the hosts are generally happy to share their good addresses and their advice for you to discover the unmissable tourist sites of their region.
  • A friendly atmosphere: Staying with locals is an opportunity to meet other travellers, talk to them and share convivial moments.

The different types of homestay accommodation in Polynesia

There are several types of vacation rentals and homestays in French Polynesia, to meet the needs and desires of each traveler:

  • Guest rooms: these are private rooms located in the guest house. Meals are generally shared with the family, and common facilities (bathroom, living room) are to be shared with them or with other travellers.
  • Guesthouses: this type of accommodation is similar to bed and breakfasts, but with a larger number of rooms and a functioning closer to a small inn. Meals can be taken together or privately.
  • Furnished tourist accommodation: these are fully equipped accommodations (studios, apartments, houses or bungalows) that you rent for a short or long term. You are totally independent and can prepare your meals.
  • House swaps: this formula consists of temporarily exchanging your accommodation with that of an inhabitant of Polynesia. It’s not strictly speaking a homestay, but it allows you to live like a local.

The best sites to find homestay accommodation in French Polynesia

To find the ideal vacation rental or homestay accommodation in Polynesia, here are some recognized and reliable platforms:

  • Airbnb: this platform offers a wide selection of rooms, apartments and homestays, with rates to suit all budgets.
  • this site also offers homestay accommodation, under the name of “guest houses”. Rooms are usually located in private homes, and meals are shared with hosts or other travelers.
  • Homestay: this platform is specifically dedicated to bed and breakfasts and allows you to book rooms with private individuals.
  • GuesttoGuest: this home exchange platform offers the possibility of staying for free with an inhabitant of Polynesia, in exchange for your own accommodation.

Tips for a successful homestay in Polynesia

Here are some tips to ensure you have an unforgettable stay in Polynesia in homestay accommodation:

  • Prepare in advance: learn about local customs to avoid missteps and learn a few basic words in Tahitian to facilitate exchanges with your hosts.
  • Participate in daily life: do not hesitate to offer your help for the preparation of meals, cleaning or shopping. This will facilitate your integration and create moments of sharing.
  • Respect the timetables: Polynesians generally get up early and go to bed early. Adapt to their pace to fully enjoy your stay and respect their privacy.
  • Stay tuned to your hosts: they will be your best guide to discover the secrets of their region, so take advantage of their knowledge to explore less touristy places and live new experiences.

In conclusion

THE vacation rentals and homestays in French Polynesia are an excellent way to discover Polynesian culture and live an authentic experience during your stay. Whether you choose a bed and breakfast, a boarding house, furnished accommodation, or a home exchange, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in local life and follow the advice of your hosts to explore the hidden treasures of the Polynesia.