Ou se trouve l ile de la reunion par rapport a la france

Ou se trouve l ile de la reunion par rapport a la france

Where is Reunion Island located?

Where is Mayotte compared to France?

Located 295 km west of Madagascar and 67 km south-east of Anjouan, sometimes visible in the evening in shadow, it is made up of several islands and islets covered with exuberant vegetation. The two largest islands are Grande-Terre and Petite-Terre, backed by a coral reef.

Where is the island of Mayotte located?

The Mayotte archipelago is a French overseas department located in the Indian Ocean, near Africa. Like Martinique, Guadeloupe, Réunion and Guyana, this department has certain peculiarities.

Where is Mauritius located on the world map?

Where is the meeting on the world map?

Located 680 km east of Madagascar â € “see world map Reunion Island â €“ and 180 km south â € “west of Mauritius, officially the Reunion department is in the western Indian Ocean.

Where is Guadeloupe located on the world map?

Located in the northern hemisphere between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean and halfway between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer, Guadeloupe is nestled in the heart of the Lesser Antilles.

Is Réunion part of the European Union?

The European Union differentiates these territories according to two statuses: Outermost Regions (ORs) for Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte and Saint-Martin. … Dependent on EU member states, the OCTs are not, however, an integral part of the European Union.

Where is Caledonia located?

Where is the Seychelles in relation to France?

Seychelles is located 7,700 kilometers from France, several hundred kilometers off the nearest continent: Africa and the eastern coasts of Tanzania, Kenya and Somalia and Madagascar. To the northeast, the second closest territory is India, followed very closely by Sri Lanka.

Where is Seychelles located on the world map?

The Seychelles archipelago is made up of more than 115 granite and coral islands stretching south of the equator and located about 600km off the east coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean.

Where in the world is Seychelles located?

The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago made up of some 115 small islands located in the Indian Ocean 1,600 kilometers east of the African coast, south of the Seychelles and north-west of the big island of Madagascar, all in mid -road between Africa (1600 km) and India (2800 km).

Where is Seychelles located on the world map?

Regarding geographical location, the Seychelles Islands are distributed in the Indian Ocean, south of the equator, between -4 and -10 degrees and between 480 km and 1,600 km from the east coast of Africa.

Where is Reunion Island located in relation to France?

Located 9,000 kilometers from mainland France, Reunion Island lies off the east coast of Madagascar, approximately 200 kilometers west of Mauritius. Lost in the heart of the Indian Ocean, it is the largest island in the Mascarene archipelago and is located in the southern hemisphere.

Which department is 974?

The department of La Réunion has the number 974 and is made up of 4 districts, 49 townships and 24 municipalities. The 4 districts of the department of Reunion are: Saint-Denis, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Benoît, Saint-Paul.

How long is Reunion Island?

Reunion Island (department (DOM) and overseas region (ROM)) is located in the Indian Ocean, 9,200 km from the French metropolis. The island is 72 km long and 51 km wide.